How are we in 2021 and iPhones still can`t

July 7, 2021, 12:33 pm
How are we in 2021 and iPhones still can`t
How are we in 2021 and iPhones still cant turn off the sound on one app while listening to music/YouTube with headphones on?? Like Im trying to listen to a podcast and watch my friends IG stories at the same time but suddenly some loud ass music plays like let us turn it off

You can do this on Android :)

I found this post on reddit talking about the app I use and if there`s one for Apple, and no replies, sooo... I guess there`s nothing. That really sucks, because that app has been so useful to mr

I have an app (on android) that let`s me turn down the volume of individual apps, so I can mute specific apps entirely if I want to. It also allows you to get the volume much lower than your phone does automatically. Not sure if there`s a similar app for apple

I think to get rid of the twitter pop noise, you can go under settings, display/sound, and turn off sound effects, I think. Not too sure though but hopefully that helps you!

I did that lmaoo my bad

This. This very much.

Oh yeah idk how to fix that some games have their own built in sound settings I think but I`m pretty sure a lot don`t. You would think phones would be made to like NOT be annoying af when it comes to that stuff

I think I know what you`re talking about. Idk if this will help (it works for me) but find a random Instagram video, mute that video, and it should make it so no sounds from ads etc play over your other music/video. Also avoid using volume controls while on Instagram

But they comment and delete it I guess they understand what I meant after they comment

People keep commenting about YouTube premium but thats not what Im asking about haha I have premium I mean I cant turn off Instagrams sound while YouTube is playing in the background

Or am I wrong? I cant find anything on this - if youre wearing headphones all sound is on and thats that

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