How archaic do you think the year 2012 was?

January 24, 2021, 5:45 am
How archaic do you think the year 2012 was?
How archaic do you think the year 2012 was? We had HD cameras for relatively cheap, not unlike today... heck, we had the PS VITA. Technology in 2012 is barely a step behind what we have now. It wasn`t, like, $1K for a 360p camcorder or something.

Yeah the iphone 4 has a 5mp camera that captures at 720p thats not bad at all actually lol. Also before u say no one could affor an iphone in 2012. Yosuke and the gang got scooters which from my experience are way more expensive

Well, did start this & I`m just giving a Personal Idea in why it wouldn`t work

There plenty of biggere more important plotholes people could be making fun of lol. In any persona game not just p4.its jus better to go with the flow and let the suspension of disbelief. I mena if u really starst poking hole p5 is just full of them

Like both samsung and iPhone were already on their 4th generations lol did people think 2012 was like in the 90s or something cause let me tell u even then they still had security cameras and such

And its made for a last generation console

Agreed 2012 wasnt like long time ago

It`s so funny the final boss could have been literally a random character from a single scene in the game and I could still make an hour long video about its perfection as a video game

this is my favorite Oziach tweet

I keep saying this and I`m a broken record but, p4 breaks when you notice that after they work out they accused the wrong person they all go "maybe we should go ask some people around town" and then like they work out the real villain in less than a week

I wish we were in the universe where the vita succeeded

P4 is fun cause it`s a more comedy focussed story, and having those have inconsistencies is part of the charm, I also just kinda accept the p4 cast are all too headstrong to think of anything other than fight the dungeons to defeat the villain

I found it so weird that everyone was on flipphone and CRTs in P4

Junes literally had rows of flat-screens TVs. I don`t doubt that they would have HD cameras in their stores.

I love P4, but going to this weird a length to defend such an innocuous aspect of its plot that we`re just poking fun at... it`s a lil whacky, ngl.

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