Honkai Impact 3rd Steam Edition revealed! Wishlist it now!

October 14, 2021, 9:36 am
Honkai Impact 3rd Steam Edition revealed! Wishlist it now!
Honkai Impact 3rd Steam Edition revealed! Wishlist it now! Legends say... unlock Honkai Impact 3rd on Steam and you will get a mystery present! Try it out, Captains! *The steam account of this game does not support cross-play. HonkaiImpact3rd miHoYo

Oh my~ Seems like I`m going to add a new account

Wait are you guys removing the Chinese audio with the next update?

No cross play and jp only No thanks But cool

Will it be also compatible with MacBook?

what about cross progression?

I`m a little confused. Mobile and PC already can cross-play and cross-save. What do they mean by cross-play there? Is the PC client is standalone and will be diff from steam client? Then if it is, the HI3 in steam are only for steam users am I right? Mobile and PC players(...)

The amount of people that don`t know the difference between cross-play and cross-save is staggering.

Please add the crossplay too, many captains already have a high level account out of steam and wont leave it and start new just to be one steam and on the other hand, new players that start from steam will be alone and away from the huge playerbase that have accounts out of steam

I have just one question: can I use my present Honkai account? Like, without taking it from 0 again and stuff like this.

So Honkai gets a Steam release and not Genshin? This is ridiculous.

If this don`t have cross save I`m sticking to my PC client

Oh ok, ill go cry over my ps4 T.T

Nice i use alot steam thanks

So that`s means I can`t play with my friends on android/ios?

you have seen genshin on epic now get ready for honkai on steam

Why wouldnt you enable cross-play?

wait i see JP honkai saying support cross play or i`m blind i check it 1 more time

Whats the point if there`s no crossplay? Existing players wont use it and the game isnt exactly bringing waves of new players

Does it work for macbook tho?-

i hope the controls wont be the same as your standalone pc client. which is basically emulator...

Congratulation on making it to steam!!! I love your guys game keep up the amazing work guys !

Hey ai chan thefe is going to be cross save right ? Because that gift sound interesting and i dont want to lose a gift.

I don`t know what`s stopping to allow crossplay, Genshin on Epic has crossplay so why can`t on Steam as well for HI3? I doubt anyone play it on Steam since it`ll has its own player base but will be way LESS compared to the PC launcher from the website since it`ll allows crossplay

Well no cross-save for us SEA/GLB player is suck, but if you already have the standalone (non Steam) version installed, you can manually add the launcher/BH3.exe in Steam. Can I login with my SEA account in this? I really don`t want to start a new account for this.

Oh no oh no my steam friends are gonna mald from me logging im and logging out from every hour...

Wait can i login with my main account on steam?

So Excited For This Cause At Least The Steam Version Wont Consume Sooo Much Space

No cross play okay but is it confirm if we can use/link our account on Steam?? If not then its still useless since you have to start all over again. Only good for newer players

Full steam ahead!

So, will we be able to bring over our mihoyo account`s progress, or do we have to restart the entire game to play on steam? I know it says that the steam account of the game can`t crossplay, but I`m just making sure that`s what that means

Mmmmmm maybe I`ll make a 2nd account just for this- might not be that active but hopefully it`ll run. When is this coming out?

But why is there no crossplay, this doesn`t make sense

No crossplay means this is worthless. Fix it.

Can I transfer my current progress over to Steam or do I need to start with a new account..?

it literally says cross-platform multiplayer on the seam page.... but here it says it doesnt has it? whaaaaa??? does this mean if i already have my acc lv88 i cant play it on steam?

oh its just like a new starting over account at pc but on steam only ? ok I`ll stay on pc client & mobile then lol

"*The steam account of this game does not support cross-play." Almost got excited there for a second...

So I`m a bit confused, I play Honkai on pc but if I download the steam version will I be able to connect to my account or no ?

its so late... i have been waiting for this! lessssgoooo

Traslate to Spanish??

Oh very good nice. Now, Will there be a difference between the steam version and the pc launcher version? Something different outside of gift and non-crossplay, whether it`s better performance. I still play it on pc launcher and I have not had problems.

Can you link you mihoyo account to steam?

Please port it to PS4

can`t I play it with my old account? will the progress reset?

so... how does it work? Can i use my actual account? or i need to start from zero? I ask because is weird, doesn`t actual PC version allow to play in PC AND mobile?

oh no genshin is next

Will this ever be ported to Mac? Not just on the apple store.

Nice honky on best PC platform , but I have a question. Will I be able to use my current account or do I have to start from 0?

Day 151 asking for first Cecilia Battlesuits Day 181 asking for new Kallen battlesuits why is there no cross play???? thats such a bad idea oh my god

Noooooo, no crossplay

> No crossplay. Strange decision, more yet when you already have a PC client working great. Then I suppose that I`ll discard the Steam client.

There`s no point in this if we can`t crossplay though....

Herrscher of flame for free on steam only pls


If i have to create a new account for steam then this will be of no use to me.....

Dammit, I was looking forward for that.

thanks mihoyo. got me interested but made me lose all interest in less than 6 seconds am i dreaming?

Please at least have cross-progression/cross-save.

In addition to no cross-play, will there also not be cross-save? Or will there be cross-save but not cross-play?

Is there any benefit from playing through Steam instead of downloading it through the website?

well, I guess it`s uh... good for the people that uses steam? The steam version is essentially just playing Honkai with a limit of available players ngl

No crossplay sadge. How am I gonna flex my Herrschers to my friends who will see this for the first time?

So all players start from beginning? Players just for steam version only?

Will progress made on mobile or pc client be ported over via miHoyo account??? or do we need to start from scratch????

The no Crossplay kinda kills this announcement, and makes me want a console version of Honkai even more now!

Gotta be more clear about the "does not support cross-play"

Can I link my mihoyo acc with steam acc as I got both?

Does it support our current save games? Are the controls optimized for PC or still Emulator-like?

man whoever picked those GIFs is a genius lol still I`m afraid it`ll bring a lot of unnecessary hate towards the game too, especially from people who don`t understand gacha games

is the game going to have better controls than the pc client? The current controls are pretty bad and un optimized for pc.

Is this global only Ai-chan?

Nice to see this game finally made into the steam market Tho Honkai`s Sister is in another place Sadge

Can I use my mihoyo account on this?

coming to steam is already a present itself

Wait, will we be able to play with our accounts tho?

what server is it tho? global or SEA ? hmmmm

Stable controller support at last yey! Is there a Japanese server too?

Good for you guys

>SEA and GLB Captains can play >content will be the same as Europe & Americas Servers Sorry for the stupid question, but can you explain it in more detail? I have an SEA account , will I lose anything while playing STEAM version?

If I can`t use my existing account then what`s the point lol

who`s hand is she holding??

Oh god when will the anniversary come im in asia so for me 12:00 pm? Some people say its october 21

No cross-play, but have cross-save?

No cross-play? So we can`t use our Mihoyo Account?

This would actually make me get back into the game but if the no cross-play means I cant use my already existing account then I guess I wont play then

Is anniversary coming At asia Server sea i think in 12:00 pm?

can i use existing account?

AI-chan, if I download this version and log in with my current account, i won`t lost my data?

No cross-play? I guess almost no one will use it then. Why use steam when you can use the PC client and not be locked to a device.

I only need it on Xbox please Can I transfer it from mobile to PC?

So in other words, since Steam is a separate platform, playing on Steam would essentially require making a new account?

So will it be the GLB version, the SEA version, both, or a merger? Also what does "not support cross-play" mean? I can`t play with mobile players or is this completely separate from the existing PC client? Like can I play on Steam with my miHoYo account? We need an FAQ, Ai-chan!

>no cross-play

Then its not possible use miHoYo account?

Maybe cool for some but meh for me. Launcher version is more than enough and i`ll keep my steam for non f2p games.

I wonder if we can connect our SEA accounts on the steam version..

"on Steam": YATTAAA "mystery present": LET`S GOOO "does not support cross-play": w h a t

So does "no crossplay" mean, that the people already playing cant use it or can we still login with our mihoyo accounts?

No cross play? Ok Ill just stick to playing on my phone, PC is overrated.

wait ... what !?

but does it have cross-platform account progress sync? If not then rip

is there cross save?


is this good? why?

where is the global store :(((

Do i need to start new,or i can use my hoyolab account ?

What does it mean by the steam acc not allowing cross play? Sorry am dumb

no cross play... hmmm

So cant use existing account to play on Steam? Since it doesnt support cross-play

Wait that`s actually insane! Of course you guys already had a PC client but having it in Steam will be dope! I`m assuming we`ll be able to link our accounts?

What server is this?

no cross play oh noooooo

Can we still login by miHoYo account?

doesn`t support cross play huh

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