Honestly all I want out of a DB game

November 25, 2021, 10:11 am
Honestly all I want out of a DB game
Honestly all I want out of a DB game is Xenoverse but with an original story, better gameplay, an extreme amount of customization and better models and shading

oh yeah for sure, it is recreatable tho with Data Input and Potential unleashed, but just, give it to us, please, it would be so fun, even if it has a limiter like having to be below a certain amount of HP to use

Same, the OC maker is pretty good, the UI is a bit slow but, other than that its good also i wanna be able to change my Basic Attack Auto Combo, im pretty sure modders have been able to do that do it`s definately possiblr

god *please*, i`ve put like 500 hours in xenoverse and every character feels samey, shit like this would be so GOOD i would probably customize more than playing the game itself

@PangaeaJuice__ Basically I wanna be able to pull a genome and have a ton of different forms with different looks lmao Dude same. Imagine the possibilities.

yeah i fucking, so want a bio android race, and im not sure how customizable transformations would work unless you mean like, picking what hair your hair changes into when you transform also just gimmie all the races from fusions and that one dragon ball card game on pc *please*

so basically you just want zenoverse 3 i think xenoverse has pretty good customization from a pure numbers standpoint but god do some stink everything else... yeah, i wish they would lean more into the time breakers instead of them just, being an interlude

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