HOLY CRAP! What will the fandroids say now? “The

September 25, 2021, 7:30 am
HOLY CRAP! What will the fandroids say now? “The
HOLY CRAP! What will the fandroids say now? The iPhone 12 Pro Max only beat the S21 Ultra by 10 minutes cos it has crappy 60hz This phone is 120 hz, has a smaller battery and completely annihilates the Galaxy. For reference the S21 Ultra was 8 hours 45 minutes on this test.

It`s also been proven that these displays only run 60hz on any third party app, and only ever up to 90 for really anything else...

As an android user for a long time, i`d say that it`s good that apple brought these improvements to their devices, good job apple. (Also, Apple vs Android wars = pointless and stupid.)

The 12 Pro Max had a smaller battery for one, and the new apple phone has a larger capacity so it did make a difference. Essential apps weren`t even used in the test above and the comparison was against previous gen iPhones only, comparison against androids is yet to come.

Apple fanboys at their best

That`s what happened in test I posted. Same brightness and same apps and test was ultra vs iPhones

I don`t get where the iPhone 12 pro max beat the s21U by 10 min cause of 60hz. I`d actually like to see 13 pro max vs Ultra to get a fair comparison. Or at least the 12 pro max to the 13 pro max to get a better estimate on how much of a difference those models are can you put some light on this Apple scam if true ? Was it the Exynos 2100 or SD 888 variant of the S21 Ultra that scored 8 hrs 45 minutes?

I don`t know I am just asking you. Since you are the expert. That`s why there`s a question mark.

Maybe becuz the Galaxy`s display is higher resolution than the iPhone`s?

So you agree that the test he did wasn`t accurate? Because many of the apps he used were still running animations at 60fps. That`s why slow motion cameras should be used to test that the App is really running 120fps instead of conclude that it is because it`s an iPhone.

It seems someone is forgetting that the S21 is a generation older now, it using last year`s chip. Snapdragon 888 was released in 2020. Apparently you haven`t heard the report that third party apps which Arun tested here isn`t taking advantage of iPhone 13 pro max`s 120hz.

If S21 ultra is last gen phone then snapdragon 888 is also last gen Chipset and all the devices using 888 are also also gen devices (2020)

Ya I see but still cannot understand that. Whatever the battery life is great so I don`t actually think it will do a huge difference.

Can you confirm that. Didn`t see such a thing.

I think you missed something! I think (can`t remember) he was doing a lot of bench mark pulls which is far more demanding. I`ll recheck

i only interested in mini and 13 pro, 12 pro max body hurts you like hell if it falls to your chest while using it on the bed

Dont worry, Fandroids will steer the conversation in another direction! Path of least resistance right!?

If that was the case the iphone 13 would be a "lastgen" device for almost 8 months when the next snapdragon soc comes out. Usually apple releases the newest soc tech and android follows so it makes more sense that the yearly cycle starts with the iphone.

Battery life varies by user knucklehead. A person can have their screen on max bright playing games or only answer calls and reply to texts--same damn phone, same user, different uses

the battery is awesome for sure, as for the 120hz not so much. which may be helping the battery a bit.

SD888 and Exynos 2100 competes with Apple`s 14 SOC not A15.

Snapdragon 888 is last gens chip not this gen. Snapdragon 888 and Exynos 2100 were both released in December 2020 but didn`t make it to phones till 2021. They are also both using 1st generation 5nm processors where as the A15 bionic is Apple`s 2nd generation 5nm SOC.

No doubt about that! For years I kept saying if Apple actually puts a huge battery in the iPhone it`ll be a battery beast! This is that year.

Golden Reviewer on YouTube. The video is pretty bad, so take it with a grain of salt. Here is a different one: I think this matter needs more investigation before jumping to conclusions though.

Apparently the adaptive refresh rate doesn`t ramp up nearly as much on iPhone as it does on S21U. Could be part of the surprisingly big disparity.

@sandeepbrwayne s argument about why the 12 Pro Max did better than the Ultra was because it ran at 60hz

let`s be honest, the 13 pro max is just crazy a truly amazing device, I think the 13 made all of the other iPhones still out there irrelevant, it was that important of an update

Where is qhd on 12 Pro and brightness on s21 ultra is 1500nits this is 1200nits. I think I make sense I don`t want this apple vs android shit . I like both and I appreciate both for excellent battery life it`s just u get qhd+ on s21 ultra and fhd + on iphone 13 Pro and max

Apple`s iPhone 13 Pro Max: Where are your Android Gods now! +2.5h battery life improvement ?! Newer phone gets more battery life than older phone. Yawn ... S21 Ultra isnt the king Thats what I, as an Apple sheep will say.

The true question os how did your math equate to 8hr45min + "10min" equals 9hr52min

As a "fandroid" I say well done apple and I hope to see similar optimization in the S22 Ultra when that comes out

I am an android fan, but what apple has done this year is nothing but incredible! Still can`t switch due to the software limitations that apple is putting!

Ultra works with applications in the background. but no iPhone. It`s just that ios kills all processes in the background in order to save battery power.

At this day and age a phone that doesn`t have at least a 120hz display is not worth it. 60hz is so 10 years ago.

Cool, most ppl don`t buy just on battery, lets hope this encourages Samsung to make a phone test lasts even longer

These Android manufacturers still havent learned that: in house optimizations >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> specs on paper with things just put together.

Yes because a iphone with a weaker possessor, weaker gpu and less than half the ram is somehow going to use more energy

Sheep, the 13 pro max is in a different category than the 12 Pro max. It has 700mAH bigger battery. You sheeps were saying the 12 Pro max could beat the S21 Ultra with 3.6k mah and 120hz Clearly Apple didn`t think so. It has bigger battery, more efficient screen and processor.

I`m a samsung Fan not android

Wit the Rog is comming

What`s the point of android vs apple wars? Looking at every result, you can`t go wrong with either of them. Just get what`s suits you best.

Ok, now justife every other reason why people choose android 1) customization 2) compatibility via usb c 3) faster carging 4) smaller notch 5) compatibility with pc 6) wider range of prices 7) fingerprint scanner 8) better selfies

S21 Ultra has a bigger screen , higher brightness , higher resolution. But still 13 pro max will be slightly ahead.

Completely fair, this phones battery life is equivalent to the 11 pro max when it came out, and it uses higher quality out of the box while Samsung uses 1080p or of the box, this battery is impressive and incredible

Chill out the iPhone 13 pro Max has a Brand new battery. Let that sink in for a moment. The test should be done after 2 months.

Actually they were different tests and some different apps, butt yeah that`s a beastly battery right there!

The s21 ultra is last gens phone

Remember, he used more crucial apps in the S21 Ultra tests, BUT, overall, the 12 pro max and 13 pro max battery is still better. Apple optimize the F out of their batteries. So no android user should bash Apple because of that. Manufacturers need to take notes.

Ngl it`s really impressive idk how apple optimized the phone so much that it got like 2 hours more than the 13

Istfg, they clown on PhoneBuffs tests when they probably make one of the most accurate tests by including more actual real life usage like standby

Yes lol. Happens every year

Actually, isnt the tests that the Ultra was running lighter? Cant say for sure but thats what I remember vaguely

You`re equally toxic as Android Fanboys.

If only Apple managed to put a 3500MAh battery in the 13 Pro. That thing is gonna be a compact battery beast. Tbh I`m more excited about when graphene batteries are finally on iPhones. Imagine 1 DAY of Screen on Time on a single charge.

The way Apple has optimised the 120hz for their display is quite incredible

not on this test, different test.

only reasons to attack them are oh iSheeps and arun gets paid by apple

Now watch as they remain completely silent.

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