**HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY** I`ve partnered with @Playstation to give away

December 18, 2021, 10:28 pm
**HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY** I`ve partnered with @Playstation to give away
**HOLIDAY GIVEAWAY** I`ve partnered with to give away codes for some of your favorite games of 2021! What is your favorite PS3 game? Winner will be picked randomly on 12/20 at 4pm PT Prize: Returnal (PS5) Follow/RT and good luck! ad

Favorite ps3 game was infamous

Heavenly Sword

Resistance fall of man Uncharted series

Dead Island. Not perfect at all, but so much fun. Environment is dope and combat is addictive. Uncharted 3! I would watch the E3 demo multiple times a day!

The Last of Us.

Wait. What if I never had a PS3?

Splinter cell Trilogy Last of us

Uncharted. Still love it.

This! And the multiplayer is a masterpiece. Without hesitation it`s ni no Kuni I loved this game so much Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots!!! Dead space I started collecting PS3 a few months ago, what a machine. So many great games to choose from and I almost went for Fallout 3, but I`ll say Last of Us. The last of us

Favorite PS3 game was for sure Asuras Wrath My favorite PS3 game is definitely Bleach: Soul resurreccion Favorite PS3 games Borderlands or Fallout 3

Kind of a weird choice but I really vibed with Resistance 3. Love the cross country post apocalypse story with crazy aliens along the way.

Only the real understand Skyrim hands down... Still play it to this day! Uncharted 2 (Runner up: Braid)

Gotta be the original Uncharted: Drakes Fortune. Changed gaming. Darkstalkers Resurrection since it remains locked on there and Capcom wont port it to newer platforms, or bring out a superior product. Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots

My fave ps3 game is Demon Souls

I`m gonna kinda cheat and say FF14 A Realm Reborn mainly because I haven`t played too many PS3 games and that`s the closest one that comes to mind.

Valkyria Chronicles! Definitely Journey. It was also one of the first games I ever played on the PS3. I remember the very first random person I met painted a in the snow at the end after we completed the whole game together. Will never forget that. Valkyria Chronicles, with Uncharted 2 a close second The Last of Us

Ratchet & Clank: A crack in time. Just love it!

Favorite PS3 game God of war 3

My favorite PS3 game is Uncharted 2 :)

As far are ps3 goes i have to go with last of us, such a masterpiece. Folklore ps5 when!? Resistance fall of man! A true classic that doesnt get the love it deserves

Got to be The Last Of Us, emotional as hell and amazing gameplay. PlayStation battle Royale

Split/Second - what a driving game should be (at the time).

Dark Souls for sure

Definitely Darksiders! Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, hands down one the greatest games of all time, a masterpiece in storytelling. From you can always expect the absolute best.

Far Cry 3 best PS3 game for me Uncharted 2

Demons Souls is my fav of that era without question The Last of Us easily pvz garden warfare

Demon souls, a truly different experience, it is my favourite ps3 game followed by the last of us

Infamous! was my favorite ps3 game

Infamous! My most vivid memories were playing the demo in GameStop, making my neck hella sore lol

My favorite PS3 game is Driver: San Francisco My favorite ps3 game is gta 4

God of War 3

Assassins Creed II, I play it just before I visited Italy. I could roam around Firenze with the map from the game. awesome

Vanquish... Still hoping for a sequel

My favourite has to be Red Dead Redemption. Game was a masterpiece.

Ps3?...i thins this is a typo... should say ps5

Infamous was really dope!

The Last of Us. I would put Mass Effect (1) ahead of it, but that`s a 360 game to me.

Demon`s Souls

I never have own ps3 console but can Ps4 favorite game here my favorite game is borderlands 2 .

Red Dead Redemption

Heavy Rain!

Favourite PS3 game, Rain. Everyone go buy Rain while you can, it`s digital only PS3 exclusive.

Uncharted 2. Easy. Up until recently its been my favorite game of all time

Might be a hot take, but this is my favorite PS3 Game. Favorite PS3 game is Uncharted 2

Assassin`s Creed II Returnal is mid but I will say Fallout New Vegas is my pick

Has to be dead space, this was such a great game and I played it over and over again. Uncharted 3

definitely infamous 2. one of the best games ever made.

1. Last Of Us 2. Uncharted 3. red redemption 4. God Of War 5. Alice Madness Returns 6. Lollipop Chainsaw

One of the first games I played on a ps3 was The Last of Us and it stills stands as an incredible game

The first infamous game is my favorite game on the ps3 (also one of the most underrated). The story is very overlooked and I hope they can remaster or remake it some day. The gameplay is still phenomenal. GTA IV, no doubt. Best fisics, story and graphics. Holds up well even today

Also my favorite was Infamous because of the type of choices qnd powers that were in it. I`ve loved the series since the first one.

The Last of Us

The last of us

Dark souls

My favorite PS3 game has to be MGS4 No question! GTA 5 surely. Were still playing it on our PS5s 8 years later shows the magnitude of it. 2013 changed the potential of video games and Rockstar set a bar so high that newer open world games are still compared to it

Little big planet 2!

Demon`s Souls, I know, I know, but it was my favorite.

Little Big Planet i love intergenerational games, and alien isolation on ps3 was absolutely amazing and hardly felt compromised at all in comparison to the ps4 version

The Last of Us

Max Payne 3

Gotta be Max Payne 3 Sonic Unleashed

Skate 3 because it was first game I played where I actually did something instead of just doing random things cuz I was a kid

Love this but it needs to reboot/remake Uncharted 2: Among Thieves

Batman Arkham City! The Arkham franchise is my all time favourite. Helps that Ive been a life-long Bat fan

Metal gear rising and The Last Of Us are my favorite and most memorable

ModNation was the best !

I loved the resistance franchise and killzone

Favorite PS3 game is probably Nier, there`s many other games I really enjoyed there though.

I spent a lot of time playing M.A.G. That was an amazing game

It has to be Portal 2. Plan to get the PS3 out again to play it soon! Resistance

Ni no kuni Wrath of the white witch It`s graphics still hold up to this day and has an amazing world, story, characters and it`s available on ps4, switch and PC so I highly recommend it! The Last of us part one, best Playstation game of all time!!!!

The Last of Us

Its easily battlefield 3

Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

Grand Theft Auto 4

God of War 3

GTA V. Bought it on release day that was also my birthday

The last of us

Uncharted 2!

The Last of Us... that`s it, nothing came close

It`s a weird pick, I know, but man, this game is a classic. My favorite PS3 game. Probably arkham city if I had to pick one

It feels like a cheat but I really think it`s Uncharted 2

This absolute gem of a game! Resident evil 6

The incomparable uncharted 2 The last of us


Elder Scrolls :Oblivion

It will always be the last of us I love that the prize is basically depression.

Don`t have just 1 favorite.. The Last of Us would be my favorite but here`s another favorite that I`ll go with The Saboteur I recently replayed the infamous series and infamous 2 is one of my favorite games of all time now

The Last of Us!

White Knight Chronicles 1. So many good memories. <3

Dead Space,absolutely brown trousers time

The Last of Us.

Uncharted 2

So many games. But The last of us was the best of em.. Happy holidays to u and ur family!

My favorite PS3 game? Though question... I have to pick only one... To me Uncharted 2: Among Thiefs takes the cake. I love playing at the pool and calling Marco! XD

Skyrim.. I absolutely loved that game and Im still playing the 10 year anniversary edition today .. thats how good that game was .. and still is

Uncharted 2, easily.

Little big planet 1

The Last of Us

Uncharted 3, I bought my first PlayStation just to play that game and it didnt disappoint. 720 ps of adventure

Killzone 2 was a masterpiece Uncharted 2

The Last of Us

Favorite PS3 would have to be God of War 3. The first game to really show what the PS3 can really do with visuals.

My favorite PS3 game is God of War III.

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