Hitman 3 Xbox Series X VS PS5 Digital Foundry

January 21, 2021, 7:31 am
Hitman 3 Xbox Series X VS PS5 Digital Foundry
Hitman 3 Xbox Series X VS PS5 Digital Foundry analysis: - Xbox Series X: Full Native 4K at 60 FPS. - PlayStation 5: weak meager 1800p at 60 FPS. - Higher shadows on Xbox Series X, way better than PS5. Xbox Series X has officially DESTROYED PS5`s GPU!! 20% GPU difference!!

Very limited PS5 stock could be good thing after all. People can wait for PS5 PRO!

4k is 2.5 milions more pixel than 1800p, it`s 44.4% more ;)

You`re talking about the xsx dropping to 40 fps (sometimes) while playing at 4k at 60fps (majority of the time) yet the Ps5 can`t run 4k 60 fps. So what`s your point? Obviously non of the consoles are bad. It`s just that the xsx is better (im a playstation guy btw)

LED when he was typing that out lol So someone tell me how the ps5 sold more than the series x?

But PS5 locked 60FPS.

Wait is it optimized?

Selling my PS5 rn smh

I`ve literally seen little to no difference at all between the two. Honestly just enjoy what you play cause it ain`t gonna be a much different experience for your competitors. You literally have to pause on an exact frame or zoom in very very closely to see a SLIGHT difference.

For only $ 100 more. ;-)

This is the way the xbox way All you guys care about is graphics

Makes no different to me. I still on a 1080p tv and have no plan to get new one anytime soon.

Aslong as the fun gameplay factor is there... Thats what REALLY matters, isn`t it?

We are console players. So that`s why we bought console. If we thought about the graphics, we would buy a PC.

Genesis does what Nintendont.

They both look beautiful. Im so excited to get my hands on one of these great consoles and experience these visuals and gameplay!

All these xbots saying they cant find a console to buy, meanwhile scalpers are dropping thee price and they dont even want that sheeet..... like let me recoup my money at leases please.... can you really tell the difference between 60fps and 30fps? You probably won`t. same with graphics, you can`t see much of an improvement between 1080p and 4K. You shouldn`t buy video game consoles for graphics, you buy them to play games.

Console wars are for losers

No one cares! Let people enjoy their consoles

It`s the ps5 main selling point is it SSD. why to people care about GPU so much. I can guarantee most people displays are 1080p so why do a much higher resolution. I perfer frame personally

Hmm resolution and gpu or games that are actually good?

Exclusives, exclusives,exclusives

I almost mistook you for the red LED

I haven`t read this many misinformation in so few lines lol , things people do for likes lol

stfu trying to start console wars

I wonder were the game running at native 4k on ps5, how it would fair? Do you think it would run 60fps for the most part or see significant drops? Guess we`ll never know

My ps5 resolution . No need to throw away . Just get a 4Ktv UHD I have both and use neither because my wife just had another baby

How many ps do you really need

So the first time in its lifespan that its beaten the PS5 at anything and the Xbox have all jizzed in their pants

Stable Frame rate > naitve 4k

Yes, the XboxSeriesX is way more powerful than the PlayStation5 but remember both consoles are great.

Lmao who looks at this and thinks ps5

W for Xbox Series X

FPS what? *Laughs in Nintendo*

Thats great.....if you play hitman ......

Yeah! In one scene! Also lower res on PS5!

L. Both drops into 40fps I think people should be glad that theyre even capable of playing Hitman 3 on any nexgen console. So many people are struggling to even get their hands on one.

it is starting multi plat games better on Xbox series x and in many cases series s over ps5.

But the PS5 version look better

Ps5 and xsx are both trash

Xbots think they are winning because of a higher res on one game

Maybe its cause Ive mostly played Nintendo games, but I dont care about graphics as much. Only the gameplay experience. Ive recently been playing Xenoblade on the 3DS for the first time. And Im enjoying it. Might buy XB2 for the Switch.

Ponies are going nuts after realizing their PS5 is still last gen.

Sony Ponies are scrambling after discovering that their PS5 is actually a powerful last gen system.

Of course it`s a steady 60, it`s a PS4 Pro version. PS5 is just a PS4 Pro with faster clock. Lol. 1800p.... lol not even a real Next Gen system. Lol

I had the new Xbox, should call it lagbox. Laggy as hell

Wow I have no idea how Sony will recover their 12 billion from this.

Im getting 63.2 FPS on my ps5 on my 8k tv

If the roles were revered youd have ur hand down ur pants lmao

there are very few (if any) true 4k next gen games yet. Everythings basically last gen upscaled. Nothing out there to do true comparisons with yet.

Im team Xbox all the way but this tweet is absolute trash

isnt this a last gen version running using backwards compatability, not tuned for eitger console, the differences are because its basically ps4pro vs xb1x.

I tried telling you. You have to quit living that southend playstation lifestyle homie

Console Players lmao

XSX is just more powerful in every way. Plain and simple. Just so I don`t have to tell you to stfu later... I have both consoles. Not to mention PC and Switch. It`s just clear as day.

Weak meager 1800p? Lol

Buy me a 4k tv and we`ll talk

Thats why Xbox is the best

3200 x 1800p Is almost the same as 3840 x 2160. If youre going to say ps5 is 1800p using the last number then you should be comparing 2160 to 1800 or 3840 to 3200. So misleading. Shit is practically the same power and graphics wise

or get a pc and drop both in the dust...

I proud of you. Not many Sony guys would have been man enough. Youre ok in my book Its 2021 and people are arguing over a gaming console.

Thats definitely not a 20% percent difference. From 2160p (4K) to 1800p (4Kish). Also consoles use dynamic scaling and resolution which means is prone to lower quality on intense scenes to maintain frame rate. Also both consoles have the same gpu made by the same brand.

Yea we shouldnt do this. Lets be better than ps fanboys. What I found ironic is look at the teraflops of each. Xbox series x 12 vs 10.28 and 2160 vs 1800. 16% and 17% and thats sort of where we expected the performance difference between the consoles.

So yall are really bitching about dropping 20 frames for literal seconds. Also dont even start saying it has a lot of 50 FPS drops you wont see a difference. I play gta online at 30 FPS and its fine

This is the most toxic type of gamer

aight, i prefer the xbox and everything, but it`s a very unfair comparison when you show 2 polar opposite maps

I own a series x and still bought it on PS5 lmao. Says alot tbh.

But I thought PS5 SSD was for graphics. Lol at the Sony Ponies who bought the lies.

Xbox series x the destroyer of high end PCs and ps5

Who cares just play the game

Hahhahahahahha Dirty Consoles Peasants For You are Weak and I am MIGHTY. MY PC: 1 TRILLION K at TWO HUNDRED FORTY FRAMES PER SECONDS!!!!! RAY TRAYCIN!!!!! Can`t wait to get the game for my Xbox Series X console Check out my YouTube help me get to 1k subs. Its mostly gta and dream clips PlayStation still better

Yes, DO sell that 10.3tf POS. An instantaneous frame drop yet 99% of the time fps are equal? Not a win bud. On the other hand, xbox far better res 100% of the time, far better shadow details 100% of the time.... THAT is a win (or an L if you`re wearing blue & white)

Yeah 60 FPS lockecd, but at what cost? 4K native vs 1080P it only dips in one section of one lvl. lol and ps5 resolution is dynamic and dipping during the whole game.

When pc runs it at 8k

This sounds like a Trump post

Lol wow calm down there cowboy. Just build a PC you plebs

Oh no, not 40fps... lol. Real gamers grew up with locked 30fps. nobody cares about a brief drop into the 40s.

Ok and? Not like alot of people care you degen.

Who cares? Its a game console.

I reckon we all should just enjoy the bloody game

They still can argue that this is not true next gen since it`s using same assets and engine as Hitman 2-3, i.e. works as BC game. I don`t know if this comment would be valid. Anyways good news for me

Selling my PS5 this is outrageous This proves that the game is better optimized for Series X. At most it should be a difference of 70 and 65 frames based on specs.

Literally the only game so far that xbox runs better even tho it can drop a lot which the ps5 doesnt lmao

Bruh who cares about console wars anymore

So pathetic they didnt patch the PS5 with real 4K. Its obviously capable but anything to try to help Xbox get some sales

Still getting ps5, I dont even have a 4K tv to play it on

oh well Im still getting both anyways

3200p btw. You using the wrong number

Yea i dont care, meanwhile my pc beats both!

RTX-3080 has entered the chat.

How are those 40 frames bud

Im selling my PS5 disk edition so I can buy an Xbox to play hitman after I finish game will sell Xbox to buy PS5 again.

*laughs in 3440x1440 144fps*


Man Im so sad now this ruins everything forever

Behold the Supreme Power of Series X. Its undeniable the one console to rule over all of em. From now henceforth PS5 should be compared to the Series S, as the brickstation(PS5) is clearly struggling to keep up with Junior(Series S). Your thoughts.

Lol I`m gonna buy the PS5 just for five nights at Freddy`s security breache

Xbox can try to beat PS but it will never happen. Numbers dont lie. Stick to your lil boxes. PS the REAL OG!!!!!

Oh no Money talks to developers

Damn guess that means the game isn`t fun anymore.....Oh wait no it doesn`t

That is a staggering 31% less pixels on PS5, with lower shadow quality on top. Compare that to the frame dips that happen on XSX|S in literally one "room" of the game, you start to realize why Xbots are happy. Just hope this doesn`t go lopsided with DirectML AI upscaling.

Dips in the 40s 1 second in a cutscene.......try harder

The tools have arrived it`s time to sell my PS5 is garbage it can`t be the tools have arrived xbox finally got 1 win while we PlayStation nation have 12 wins in third party games i can`t accept that we lost one time time to sell the ps5 until you recognize that Xbox is better and from now on that`s the way it will be and nothing is going to stop this console beast. xbox is the best

Iv to laugh at this im glad to see the xbox is finally getting better. But the diff between 1800p and 4k is literally untraceable to the eye notice the huge deal DF made about it . There for sure in with Microsoft its so obv like . When its ps5 has advantage its hardly mentioned

Tbh I`m not surprised, The Series X is stronger than the PS5 no doubt about that.

im actually so confused i thought LED was a hardcore pony

Ps5 loser...

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