Hit me your hottest takes or biggest misconceptions about

September 9, 2021, 2:58 pm
Hit me your hottest takes or biggest misconceptions about
Hit me your hottest takes or biggest misconceptions about Melty Blood. Gonna address some of these in an upcoming video!

Nanaya is the best shiki, change my mind

This game is a masher`s paradise. I tell all my friends to dash up and spam crouch A

Ive always thought it was too hard to get into, Im not trying to learn rom infinite combos over here.

Almost all the characters feel the same at basic level. Even though that is a point to make the game more accessible and make everyone easy to pick up, it can be hard to find someone you click with if you aren`t much into the BCBC>AT combo gameplay loop.

We didnt need maids we needed Cello girl and niggas that look like they came to fight not youth council

Ciel still dresses like my grandma, no drip improvement

I stand by saying they have no drip since I really love the idea of mixing street and fighting clothes however Im super excited to play the new one and I thinks its fuckin dope that its on every platform. Mo fighting games, no problems.

im so mad nanaya will never be in hes the coolest edgy character just why man Misconception: The entire game is bc bc throw

I don`t like the character design, gameplay doesn`t matter to me if my character looks like a boring maid or schoolgirl/boy

Character design is not good for me. No drip

I miss long grandma skirt Arc

I know there`s a color editor but so many of the characters are basically large solid color chunks (hasn`t helped that they released two full matches of Shiki and Ciel who are just big hunks of dark blue) - even the new character is too similar to Ciel in design imo :(

I can`t play this! This looks like a generic italian. Prediction: The new voice actors will never live up to their predecessors... like Hisui. Chaos factor: Shiki now says OH MAI GAH. There must be more gold nuggets like this to be found.

I`m pretty happy about Hisui/Kohaku having a slot as a tag team. I found the assist stuff super fun and creative in AA and I`m perfectly fine with the reused assets.

neco-arc is the villain

If Melty Blood fails to "save" the FGC, many will now convert into saying KoF will "save" the FGC. No hate please, just a thought.

Melty Blood is just Nasu`s deeply estranged love child that doesn`t have friends

Type Lumina`s hit effects also makes it quite hard to see well what`s happening outside of supers. In most gameplay footage, the hit effects are so big and bright it can cover the characters` whole sprite.

Neco-Arc is unironically a must have on DLC for Type-Lumina

I always thought Arceuid was just another Saber becuase one of my friends said it was connected to fate and I didn`t know anything about both series. And there were like 3 versions of her in the game.

The Steam version should still have the VN-style storyline of the first Melty Blood, even if only as an add-on.

Hot take: The game looks really fun and I cant wait to play it

I have only ever heard people talk about melty blood when in context of it being played in a public bathroom, so my only take is that melty blood has the the worst public perception of any fighting game

How did this game get off the ground? I don`t think VNs are that big in the West so how did people become diehard fans over here?

Yeah I have no issues with the game except the character design lmao. I dont care what anyone says, they look boring as hell

Tohno absorbing Nanaya may not be a bad thing. Also the drip argument isnt funny anymore

H-Miya is actually one of the strongest characters in the game. Getting 6k in the corner is easy, but carrying them there takes like 10 different conversion routes dep. on Miyako`s landing spot and wallbounce height. With Lumina out, the true H-Miya god will never rise...

Type lumina is not reflecting what melty blood is known for Ground based footsies and solid anti airs.

Melty (And other anime fighters) feels too fast and inaccessible for players (like me) play slower fighting games like 3D, Samsho, strive. The execution barrier of 40+ hit combos requires a certain level of physical ability and is required to really compete.

take: this game should be played on keyboard

The excessive visual fx for normals and blocking is visual clutter that tries to compensate the lack of art direction.

Melty blood is very easy game to pick up and learn and is very similar to a lot of the modern FGs that people like to bash for being simple. However, I feel it is the best FG that is designed with the philosophy of designed for new players that has every existed. I miss Guymam.

"It`s from a hentai series"

Nanaya has less drip than tohno. And I`m dead serious too.

Melty blood is for smelly people who play on the floor of bathrooms

everything Kizzie said in his video about you/this xD I explained how the neutral works in his last video about Melty but he`s not trying to hear it. Game`s just airthrows huh

every character looks like shirou from fate - AL Same but For some reason melty had the bright idea of not adding Jiyuna as a playable character, they`re actually gonna have no sales smh

"Melty blood is easy" Also, "Melty blood is hard"

Type lumina needs to bring back act cadenza team doubles mode. Embrace the kusoge.

It always looked dope as hell to me even though i Never touch it. Both characters and gameplay wise. I would love to understand the story but it seem to intricate

i think shiki is kind of a pervert tbh

The main reason people complain about melty drip is because its not flashy. It has great mechanics and feels smooth but youre not zooming corner to corner then back wildly in combos making the screen explode and thats what woos spectators. Meltys beauty is in playing it

I just think it looks bland while simultaneously being way too over the top anime but I guess it`s perfect for it`s audience

I need a trigonometry degree to understand combo notation and there are 100 characters, of 4 different people

it doesnt look harder to block in melty than DBFZ

is that guy and the guy with the glasses the same guy??

Keep hearing from the people I play with that the community is horribly toxic/racist/sexist. I haven`t played it myself but that stereotype being so strong is probably the biggest reason I haven`t touched it so far. That said I`ll defo play Lumina if it has the necos.

Disclosure: I`ve never played the original or new visual novel. That said, my hot take is that I think tying Type Lumina to the new visual novel as a prequel does more harm than good. Potentially limits who can show up, could influence movesets, and I also think... (1/2)

if shiki and joker persona 5 swapped uniforms they would look the same as each other

Drippless folk concerned about the wrong little sister Please don`t play the cat characters is your name is not Skeleton or Javashige

Dragon Ball FighterZ is just Melty Blood but with superdash

I feel the problem with meltyblood Lumina discourse is its not that the designs themselves are bad. From what I have researched the designs are perfectly fitting for each character and what they were designed to be. Problem is, if you don`t know that already, its STILL boring

I cant press button fast enough to play melty

Miyako Top Tier, she was destined to be in Type Lumina!

Her jordans are fake This game looks like it has too many systems going on to get into

I`m not into men but man. That shiki clip.

Gameplay is more important than character design, especially if you`ve already seen the gameplay. Why the HELL are people forcing themselves to avoid the game because of an opinion on a trait that usually because secondary after awhile?

h-len is a very honest character

Is this a slice of life anime? Or a Gaccha

I believe this to be true among beginners, but there is a huge misconception of defense being weak in the game, when blocking (especially ex-guard) is extremely strong

If blood is already liquid... what is there to melt?

Ill never give yall for evolving from bathroom jokes to drip jokes not looking forward to the YouTube comments at launch lmaoo

Should`ve had a beta so influencers and normies can try it buy it play it for 2 weeks and never play it again

Dont keep doin my man Tohno like this

She deserves a slot more than generic nun/maid 1548 "Kohaku is a witch that uses magic while riding on a broom."

I wonder how these 2 are related in lore? I need lore monsters explaining some tsukihime lore plz

we already have guilty gear and blazblue, not every game has to have overblown character design for it to be good! i like the idea of a fg with just some simple fellas fighting and its one of the main reasons im gonna get type lumina

If I want nuns and maids fighting I`ll re-watch Black Lagoon.

I would play the game if it had a boxing style character.

Lumina shouldn`t have been a prequel because I feel that the characters that aren`t pulled directly from Tsukihime actually have the more visually interesting designs, such as Sion and Riesbyfe. I get why Lumina is a prequel but I wish there were more "Melty" in the roster.

Is everyone bcbc air throw like LK says?

The game can only be played at a high level either in a hotel hallway, parking lot, or bathroom.

Sion`s design is 10x better when she`s a guest character in a different game.

Wait there`s game beyond the character selection music?

Cool Characters. But I Only Care About Kohaku And Noel Im Just Ready To Mash 2AAA While Playing Guilty Gear Strive Nagoriyuki On The Other Monitor. Please Give Me Rei And Please Dont Add These Cats And Archetype Earth. Thank You

"The Game is Mash 2AA into Jumping & Air dashing all day" "There are no defensive Options in Melty Blood".

As long as Sonicfox like the game, people are gonna like the game too. The moment they are bored, people are gonna drop Melty. And a holy war is gonna start here again

The gameplay looks super fun but I just dont vibe with the Japanese high school aesthetic. Its not for me and personally makes the rest of the game hard to swallow. Visuals and cool characters sell a fighting game for me, gameplay is what keeps me playing

I saw one girl transform from a generic school girl into a generic num, and I was like "woot? If you have the power to transform into anything, go get a battle suit or something"

I heard it was Just Another mortal kombat clone :/

simple character designs contrast with maximalist character designs making melty bloods dripless fits actually feel ahead of the curve

1/2 the cast is unplayable

Most people excited about the game are mostly those who played Melty Blood before or liked Tsukihime. I feel the game struggles a lot attracting new people and it`s gonna hurt it a lot.

A Striver told me they weren`t interested in MB, because the characters felt too "samey" with universal combos. I believe they typed that as they did c.S -> delayed 2S -> 5H blockstring. Can you guess what character they were? I`ll give you a hint, their c.S is -2 or +3.

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