Hi #indiedev #gamedev! It`s #wishlistwednesday so share your games

July 8, 2021, 1:24 pm
Hi #indiedev #gamedev! It`s #wishlistwednesday so share your games
Hi indiedev gamedev! It`s wishlistwednesday so share your games and links with us! No need for it to be on steam just let us know where we can play your indiegame! Like and follow! Reply with your game! We`ll wishlist! IndieGameDev

Thanks for Hosting A few updates to sharpen up Shatter Sky and lean into the lowpoly aesthetic Wishlist now on Steam: wishlistwednesday indiedev indiegame madewithunity gamedev games scifi flightsimulator

Thanks, for hosting, Alien Scumbags, is a cross between Doom and Duke Nukem mixed in with some sidescrolling platforming. It`s 50% off and has a free demo You can play Moo Lander on Steam, we have a free demo available! Hello! We`ve just released our first gameplay video and it`s live! My friends, hello and thanks. 2D RPG where you begin as a simple vagabond who decides to become an emperor in the fictional Middle Ages Try to play, enjoy and write review The Vagabond Emperor - Play demo, add To Wishlist Appreciate! Here`s a new enemy in our underwater metroidvania that you have to deal with from the inside out... our wishlistwednesday post if anyone wants to go check it out! No wishlist right now just a link to play! Sick of the compression here, we`re droppin` just one frame of our trolls. Compress that! Many thanks for helping showcase indie devs We have finalized on 64 high voxel characters - those extra voxels make all the difference when it comes to the small details
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