Hi guys, which Android phones have the best picture

December 19, 2021, 9:02 am
Hi guys, which Android phones have the best picture
Hi guys, which Android phones have the best picture Quality. I am looking for a phone for someone. Mine is a Huawei P30 lite and it is pretty good. I want something better. I will appreciate suggestions. Please RT.

Google pixel 3 going up.

You`re welcome. has videos if you wanna know more. Price to value recommendation is Pixel 5a but you`re better fit to know what you want so i suggest you watch the vids and find it

Google pixel lineup Galaxy lineup Little bit of OnePlus Little bit of Xiaomi

They are know for their good battery life and durability.

Samsung A51, A72 great camera and battery

Are u in lusaka, we have multiple phone with good cameras at our shop.from Samsung to iPhone..

They are very user friendly, I had a Pixel 3XL. And they have great cameras too!

Google Pixel 4XL/ 5 /6 OnePlus 8T /9

I don`t exactly know how user friendly they are. Someone just recommended them to me the other day.

Samsung Galaxy S series. S20 and S21 in particular

I`m very happy with my baby

Check out the Google pixel phones.

Samsung S21 ultra has a very good camera, the camera quality and features of the phone are outstanding and its worth it for its price. You can never go wrong.

Honestly I would advise sticking to the Huawei brand, my mate 20 pro consistently beats most of these other Android phones on picture quality

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