Hey @SamsungMobile when we are we going to address

June 6, 2021, 1:23 am
Hey @SamsungMobile when we are we going to address
Hey when we are we going to address the issue of the cameras looking garbage in other apps? You try and film something via tiktok and its like 15fps.. This shouldn`t be a problem in 2021 ya know

That`s on TikTok & Apple, not Samsung. Apple pays those apps so their cameras look better while Android phones are forced to use camera preview.

I have always been an Android guy because the sd card storage transfer thing is a life saver. Also I personally think android just feels better to use. But that might be my own bias talking. Also theres loads of phones that use an Andoid OS so theres more variety to choose from.

@Piggynatorgamin I give props to Apple though for making really pretty handsets and operating systems Their store restrictions are good for less technically minded people as it protects them from viruses etc. so it has its perks and place. For me as a media centric person though Android wins

Happens to me all the time. Its so annoying.

use smh

Such a super weird thing. After learning that android doesnt tap directly into the camera feed when using apps, I dont know how its still been a thing until the S21

I saw a teaser today That`s unfortunately not a Samsung exclusive thing. All Android apps other than dedicated camera ones use the camera preview which is really shite I tend to just use the camera app and import into the other apps

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