Hey #indiedev #ff #followfridday Tell us in the comments

June 11, 2021, 8:33 am
Hey #indiedev #ff #followfridday Tell us in the comments
Hey indiedev ff followfridday Tell us in the comments why people should follow you ! And we will spread the words indiegamedev gamdev indievhour indiegame indie game

We are looking for fans of retro 2D fighting games, who would like to see how they translate into 3D using voxels - while still keeping the fighting mechanics in 2D / along an invisible plane

We are looking for more online players to try out our first indie game with up to 7 of their online mates! The game has short 3 minute rounds, and is currently available in Early Access

If you like 2D Platformers, you will like our game. For reasons unbeknownst to mortals, the best course of action right now in your life is to follow me. The stars will align if you do, and you will be visited by good fortune. Or if you just wanna support a designer/developer in their quest to bring joy and wonder to the world

Evilcorpse is just getting started, but we will have some amazing things to share pretty soon! And of course we love interaction with the indiegames community.

Thanks for the followfriday. I work on a Dune 2 remake. If you`re into that, you could follow me.

If you like hack and slash game, I think you should follow me because I`m developing a project darkland -action game in the dark world. Hope you will like it. Thank you so much. Because I have a snazzy and cute art style that I would like to eventually be pretty flexible to any medium.

If you liked Captain Toad you will love next Mojito the Cat game i`m working on! Have a look on my 2nd showcased enemy! Here we have a cool word game for all family members. It is available for Android and iOS platforms. Come here and see what I have for you You should follow me cause I post news and Updates about "the Whole World is in Check". What? Never heard of it? That`s because you don`t follow me... See, you need it! (FREE by the way) I`m currently working on an FPS game where you shooting clown infected, also, I`m really close to 100 followers.

I post helpful tips and tricks that I learn while making games - so that new devs can learn and save time (or money)!

Hey! Follow us (@BLonqueu we are making a cool 3D Platformer where you play as a sword follow me because, uhhhhhhhhhhhh, follow me, NOW(also I post daily updates on progress for my current game Desine)

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