Hey I will never ever get an iPhone but

July 1, 2022, 8:42 pm
Hey I will never ever get an iPhone but
Hey I will never ever get an iPhone but I`m just curious do you think the iPhone 24 will come with a cup holder?

Isnt it crazy. A customer starts, her car and locks her house from her phone. Lights temp , I bet she pays$$$

Geo sensor so when a guy approaches the toilet the seat will go up. The seat will go down when the phone moves away. Optional feature to turn on the bidet warmer. This is definitely do-able.

Nope I have a friend that has your phone and I have the IPHONE why because I dont mess it up like I did my android!! They were always fixing it for me!

That is already happening.

Right? I really wanted it to be true. But youd need more than that-like youd have to pre load the pod and probably froth the milk at the time the coffee was brewing either way so it would besigh. My washer and dryer have WiFi-I dont even know why! Im gonna find out tho

Not only that, but it will MAKE your coffee just the way you like it!

I have an dee Samsung Galaxy & it works fine.i will switch to an iPhone when it makes morning coffee

Love all my idevices, and the i24 will probably run your errands while you kick back with a beer

Guys I really hope nobody takes this tweet serious at all I`m totally kidding because I have a Samsung Galaxy Note s21 5G plus and it`s a $900 POS

Only the iPhone 24 Pro Max comes with a chamfered aluminum yet somehow still magnetic cup holder

Alright, So here me out.... No, but it will have a handy dandy can opener.

I remember a day sometime around 2007 when I said, Who the hell needs a phone to take pictures?!

No telling I love my iPhone. No cup holder though

If not an espresso machine with a barista app.

They can implant a cup holder?

Or at least a bottle opener

I just sold my iPhone 13.. I will never go thru at&t again!! They kept sending me a monthly bill for 4-500$

Ive been begging my husband for 10 years now to get a cell phone. I dont even care what kind it is.

No doubtand I love my iPhone

Itll come disassembled and youll have to assemble it yourself.

Hey! This could be the beginning of a new marketing strategy! I wonder if Wall Street would back us?!? At least get us some investors!

Yea right hahaha

@Philmachinist Imagine that in the reverse... paid for a blowjob and got a free iPhone

The price of those things, they should come with a blow job! Just sayin`...


it might! I can`t imagine life without my iPhone. Hubby is definitely an Apple guy, except when it comes to gaming, of course.

No offense taken, none meant, just stating my experience.

I think it should come with it`s own chauffeur.

I have always had iPhones and I love them Ive never had a minute of trouble with them.

Yep! The prototype is an electric vehicle with a built in texting client, e-mail, address book, web browser, phone AND camera! It also has heated/cooled synthetic leather seating for one and TWO cup holders!

I got an iPhone once and it sucked! Everything was like 10 extra swipes/taps. I swapped it back for my regular Samsung android 3 days later.

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