Hey homies! We wanna see YOUR Bosses too

June 24, 2022, 7:25 am
Hey homies! We wanna see YOUR Bosses too
Hey homies! We wanna see YOUR Bosses too show ussss! BossFactory Tag the gaming accounts you wanna see Boss it

rate my bosses Hoping to finish her look with that neon coyote helmet. b4 i die i need the sr twt mod to see kris I would but I can`t make my oc since SR 3 because no Russian woman voice

I`ll screenshot some later and post them

Thats enough bosses wheres the story trailer

heard the boss factory was lackluster for specific body sculpting.

I was trying to make a skinner me but I ended up kinda making drake Love you guys SaintsRow

and here it is, my own boss curious to see what crazy/cool creation yall would make. Its free here`s mine :) Wanted to recreate Angel Eyes from The Good, The Bad, The Ugly but adding my own twist My boss Richard Howard based off my imaginary friend when I was younger. Rate my creations. The first one wants to be your friend, the second is a professional wrestler Having a ton of fun with the Boss Factory! The customization is definitely one of my favorite things about some of the other games in the series. This my RDO inspired character get it

You know you want to.

Share Code: rtzsxst My attempt at creating Homer Simpson. BossFactory I want to refine his look more, but this is what I have so far, casual street clothes and Saints boss attire Also on a side note; an option to make the shoulders broader would be nice, the posture on the shoulders looks poor, and lazy, this is a character of class My first boss, made another but I couldnt save heres mine, or at least version 1. making tweaks for a while now Me as a boss , although I now have a shaved head Tagging .

This will probably be my main boss tried to make her after myself For me, I wanna see is & play this game/the demo

My Boss is a hoochie daddy
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