Hey hey! It`s #selfpromosaturday what have you got going

February 7, 2021, 5:54 am
Hey hey! It`s #selfpromosaturday what have you got going
Hey hey! Its selfpromosaturday what have you got going on? Show me artwork, show me zinequest3, show me ttrpg, show me cool people to follow! I want to see it all!

Please do. Id love feedback & sound suggestions. BTW, we are working on multi attacking for a March update.

Thanks for the promo space. We think our spells are pretty cool. Heres an incomplete look at our gallery with a fun sound at the end. If theres spell casting in your game, check out the options w/in the My Sound Delve app- Android & iOS. Hello and happy SelfPromoSaturday! Evindale is a dark fantasy TTRPG setting, and in it we stream an actual-play Pathfinder2E campaign called Crossroads! (Every Wednesday on at 8:30PM EST!) Here`s this week`s episode: Coming to Kickstarter zinequest this Monday! Im Berry of My latest article is here: Our latest shop update is here: Come join on our adventures! Fair enough! :) So, were The Tangled Web, an always-free-to-join and always-free-to-play-on site focused on asynchronous Play-by-Post ttrpg gaming. dnd5e, older dnd editions, pathfinder and many more. Come say hi and play for free today! Cheers and happy gaming!

Latest blog post with character highlights of my players

Oh no. No. ...Did somebody tell that I`ve been buying acrylic and/or oil paintings, framed, and...Fixing them?

I make dice and dice vaults. Alchemydice on Instagram. Commissions available! All dice and vaults for sale! Here is some of my recent work In our latest episode, the teens get up to some gambling! Our latest Patreon-exclusive episode released on the first, and Sam gives some heartfelt advice.

Its great they do an Expanse RPG too!

Our 6th Episode of our ttrpg actual play goes live in the morning. Been a real rock for us during the recent UK lockdowns. Absolute load of fun to record! We use the AGE system which is sort of a more casual dnd. :) I have an update for my Kaijuborn race for dnd5e out publicly! You can now play as a mini Godzilla, Rodan, Ghidorah, Gigan, and more! Check them out and consider supporting me on Patreon at selfpromosaturday dnd5e ttrpg Hello there! Im Quinn and Ive recently started creating content for TTRPGs, particularly D&d 5e. My first subclass, the Happy Wayfarer, is available for free on the DMs Guild now! Ill link to it below. Ill also be publishing something new on 2/12. I just set up an Instagram to help promote ttrpg creators on that platform as well! Check out Short Quest Long Rest! An actual play podcast set in Icewind Dale and RimeoftheFrostmaiden! We`ve got a fun cast, great characters, and a wonderful DM to weave it together. So chill (Ha!), grab a snack and join us on our adventure! Hey there! I make maps for VTT use in your dnd pathfinder or other ttrpg games. Here`s some previews of my most recent Patron exclusive map, an Underdark Fungal Jungle. I have hundreds of free maps and hundreds more exclusives available at Check it out Other cool zines! Honestly there`s soooo many but here are some of my faves: Hello and thanks for the thread! For zinequest I`ll be launching superstition, a solo journaling rpg where you create rituals for your community, despite not believing in them. You can also check out for free on itch! ohohoh, i`m running a super awesome contest this week!!!!! I`m Colin, a Canadian indie ttrpg designer living in Yorkshire. I`ve got a dnd Zinequest project that offers a folklore-inspired quasi-Ravenloft world. There`s a zine full of creepy crawlies & magic items or get the adventure bundle with everything We`re almost to the Zinequest3 launch of Warmer in the Winter, a game of Hallmark style Christmas romance on Feb 11th. Thanks! We talked about downtime activities in this week`s episode, so this week`s writeup has 3 new fighting pits and 3 drinking games for your dnd5e game. We also have a magic item crafting system (see pinned post), and RP prompts 6 days a week! (E1 & E2 have bad audio, just FYI.) Shenanigans ttRPG! Hi! I`m Katie and my SO and I run a craft shop where we focus heavily on dnd and other ttrpg gear and accessories. dice bags, framed art, patches, face masks, underwear, boot/skate wings, and more! Todays the last day to enter into our Giveaway! Its not TTRPG, but its mine. I launched a new true crime podcast this week called Among the Dirt and Trees, so if anyone likes the murder stuff, maybe check it out? Thanks for the promo space! We`re 19 Hits the Dragon, a TTRPG discussion podcast. This week we venture into new territory by peering into the dark future of Cyberpunk Red. We talk about how to make a character and what it means to be an edgerunner. I have homebrew items, monsters and npcs, you can find them on my site, no paywall, no obligations to do anything, but I`d love to hear about whatever you do! Here are my links: Cheers! Were a small TTRPG publisher based in Sweden. Currently gearing up to launch the Kickstarter for Blood Feuda story game about honor, power and toxic masculinity, set in the Viking age. You can follow our KS pre-launch page here: Our campaign for just funded with 25 days still to go, so we`re hopeful that it`ll do us proud! We`re really focused on making this happen! Link - rpg selfpromosaturday ttrpg cyberpunk

Many DMs ignore the flavor of material components, but there are lots of ways to make them a fun and interesting part of your game.
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