Hey! Do you play NYT Games (Crosswords, Spelling Bee,

July 22, 2021, 12:15 am
Hey! Do you play NYT Games (Crosswords, Spelling Bee,
Hey! Do you play NYT Games (Crosswords, Spelling Bee, etc) and have any pet peeves with the experience or the gameplay that we could fix? I would love to hear about it

The new startup screen for the Bee is pretty and fun once, and then just a hindrance. Why do found words have to be spaced across three side-swipe screens? Three columns + scroll, please.

I really wish I could access leaderboards from past days. This is how I evaluate my self-worth. I miss AirPlay support in the iOS app. I wish it was easier to tell what my deadline was for losing my streak (it seems TZ aware but I`ve definitely cut it too close by accident in the past)

LOVE the Spelling Bee but dislike its opaque & arbitrary wordlistcan make it feel more like guessing what words the editor was thinking of, as opposed to finding all words. Could it not follow a standard dictionary? & if you need to ban swear words, make the ban list public too.

Love Spelling Bee, but the latest updates with the new greenish-yellow is strangely off putting. I miss the bright yellow. Also all the animations slow down my ability to get to the game. It was perfect before.

My peeve is that I wish the crossword titles could be shown somewhere more prominent. I often forget to check the (i) for title/author on Sun until after Im done, while its impossible to miss in the paper. Knowing title is small but shapes the solving experience imo

I want to be able to move around in vertex. Seems like it takes me back to ones Ive done if I dont play for a while.

I do the free Daily Mini every day on the NYT crosswords app. It usually rolls over at 8pm local, meaning you can no longer play the previous game when it does (unless you`re a subscriber). But sometimes it rolls over before 8, and with no chance to complete an unfinished game.

would love to be able to add more than 25 people to my leaderboard for the mini, have a leaderboard for the other games too, and reveal the answers for the spelling bee without having to wait until the next day :)

Sometimes I do the mini after the next one is out and I can`t see how i compare to my friends in the leaderboard :(

stop giving me hints about reagan era public figures

when I havent been to the app in a few days, it really has an awkward time updating gracefully. maybe some placeholders since you know the current date and what days were previously loaded

i wish there was more deadspace between the top row of letters and the clue toggle; i accidentally it that wayyy too much when typing letters

edge-swipe from the left seems to go forward instead of back (ios)

the whole crosswords app needs darkmode, not just the puzzle

please make the mini leaderboard less confusing to add friends, and seconding others here, would love to show more data like streaks and best times that the normal crossword has!

Why can`t I play old Spelling Bees the way I can play old crosswords

leaderboard for spelling bee!!! my family always plays and we love a little friendly competition

Why the new hero image/transition page on Spelling Bee?? Every time I open it it feels like an extra click with no benefit? Also as a daily SB player, I would love to be able to learn more about my stats and achievements

please make the sudoku timers for each level of difficulty not get swapped with each other !!

I wish I could see my crossword stats on the Android app without having to load a web-based game like Vertex and then opening the menu and selecting statistics

i wish spelling bee didnt have the loading screen every time (im impatient) + had some sort of offline gameplay mode (so i can play on the train)!

Crosswords doesn`t reliably save progress, especially when switching browsers

I don`t know if News Quiz counts as a game but I have never been able to find it in the NYT app on my phone and every week I have to Google "NYT news quiz" and use that link to pull it up in the app.

I agree with a couple of the suggestions here. One big suggestion: Have a Monday/Tuesday level of puzzle every day. I know you have enough submissions. Just publish a bonus easy-ish puzzle every day for those of us who like the quick and fun ones.

The QB and Genius notification tiles should show the date, of words, of points and Letters for the day. Vertex on android resets a lot if the phone considers a R to L connection as the "back" gesture

I used to be able to access the puzzle offline and then it would sync once I reached service. As of a couple months ago it requires internet access to even open it.

For Spelling Bee, the hexagonal layout is kind of confusing it made me think you could only add words where the letters touched. I get the hexagon = beehive deal, but I think you could still incorporate that bee energy into a different layout

Spelling Bee often misses legit words, even 3 pointers.

Not a gameplay peeve, but "Play the crossword," as the Times invites, is gauche. "Challenge" or "Try" would do just as well. (Resisting a rant about how a crossword is not life or death--"it`s more important than that!")

Spelling Bee ... tell me how many words/points I need to get to Queen Bee ... as it is, I just go to Genius and stop. If I knew how many I needed to get to Queen Bee, I`d almost certainly waste much more time on that game.

The ability to zoom farther into Vertex puzzles! People with limited fine motor skills would have an easier time if puzzles at their most zoomed-in didn`t look like this When using the iPad Magic Keyboard, there`s no way to make the on-screen keyboard disappear! Would be cool to be able to see the crossword full screen.

Would be able to use Apple Pencil when playing the Crossword on iPad!

Love the mini crossword leaderboard but would be great to have more data there. Eg how many times has each member of the board come in first? What`s each person`s fastest time? Leaderboard is why we play almost every day, maybe notify me when a member completes the puzzle?

Also, the new Bee loading screen feels super slow. And I wish the letters filled more of each hexagon they seem tiny. (Super small complaints, I know)

My wife and I play together on separate phones (logged in via the same acct) at the same time and the fact that the puzzle isnt kept in sync in real time is often frustrating!

Better social integration (like for mini, but showing xword streaks, bee genius, etcplus better discovery of friends from other social graphs); bee history (ability to play previous puzzles and maybe track streak for days in a row getting the pangram)

Maybe I`m missing a trick, but would really appreciate a display of the target number of words for Letter Boxed in iOS browser.

So many!! A history of Mini scores (for Android), comparison of Mini times with Leaderboard members over a period of time, Spelling Bee leaderboard, Sudoku not getting refreshed when a user is in the middle of solving it. Please DM me, I`d love to chat.

Swiping through letters to make a word in Spelling Bee would be great (and easier than tapping out a word letter by letter) Links to definitions of words. Instead of streaks in Spelling Bee, a `report` on what percentage of total words were found each day.

the lack of consistency on how to input/what gets accepted with the rebus is really frustrating

sometimes on the iPad crosswords app I somehow zoom in... and then I don`t know how to zoom back out?

That I pay for the digital paper and that I pay for the games on top.... Call me petty :-)

A proper history page for Spelling Bee would be nice.

This is niche for streak-pursuers (and my fault for not checking closely), but on e.g. Sat night, if you haven`t done the Sat puzzle and the Sun is posted, I wish the "you`re on a X day streak, keep it going" link sent you to the Sat puzzle not the Sun!

A leaderboard for the mini-crossword among friends? I used to do my bragging just fine through text, but a friends leaderboard might be fun

Sometimes I`ll lose my streak because of a technicality, like for the recent "AM/FM" answers, I put "AMFM" (I had no idea the extra symbol was required, and think it`s a bit silly to expect that)

For the iPad version of the crossword, you cant see the title - sometimes that is a big hint. You used to see it when you hit the info button. Also, if you put the first letter in the rebus box, it sometimes takes it. So RA might be the rebus, but it accepts just R

For Spelling Bee, in the list of words youve found, either listing the pangrams first (as in the previous days solution list) or somehow highlighting them, would be very useful.

In spelling bee it`s very common for me to mistap a letter, or tap a letter and it intermittently won`t show up. Not sure what`s going on there; maybe something with the timing? on iPhone SE 2020

Another one if you have one letter left to complete if you get it wrong, the pop-up quite disturbing a error on the top would be less distracting to complete the game. Thanks.

When you move to a word to complete on the crossword it must not default to the square you selected or the first square of the word, but rather the first empty square in the word.

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