Hey @apple is there a way to turn off

July 4, 2021, 10:41 am
Hey @apple is there a way to turn off
Hey is there a way to turn off these auto-generated iPhoto memory montages? If I wanted to re-live 2020 Id just lock myself in a closet and scream for 100 hours

Every time I see something unfamiliar trending and it turns out to be somehow horrible

You made fun of the wrong apple.

change to android, easy/j

same alex, no time for depression, time for my rewatching gravity falls for the 3rd time this month

soos erases his initial memory of firing the gun and the gif repeats

Can I have it when you`re done?

You could do exactly what you said at the end while they play

Alex I want to erase gf from my memory and watch for the first time again what do I do?

Thanks for the tips guys! Here try one of these tutorials If you press and hold a memory, you can opt to delete it and/or have Photos suggest fewer like this, or you can turn off the notifications in Settings > Notifications > Photos > Memories, but theres not really a way to turn them off entirely.

You could always switch from crapple to Android

Its been a while since I laughed so hard, but you did it.

Apple makes sure not a week goes by without me seeing pictures of my dead cat and having another breakdown

Yeah it should be in the settings.

Get an android lololol (Please don`t block me.)


There must be a way.

Sneaking 2020 jokes in to 2021 still?

Big daddy mood

that sounds fun tbh

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