Here is a graph comparing all iOS users to

July 26, 2021, 11:47 pm
Here is a graph comparing all iOS users to
Here is a graph comparing all iOS users to Android users in the What percent of these users will use the SafeMoonWallet ? Safemoon Safemoonarmy crypto ethereum bitcoin altcoins

10,000 give or take a few in a week

USA is not the world. You think The Gambia has a lot of iphones? You think we all have iphones in Europe? What about Latin America? They have a lot of `em too?

Why does this matter

Please give safemoon dev team and Shaun, mark support

Dont worry folks, iOS to follow, apple has more requirements. It is coming soon

About 73% of the world market is held by Android. Android first makes complete sense in a borderless crypto world.

Remember Gambia...all of Africa...Europe and Asia...majority is Android

Im a bit gutted its not on iOS tbh - never use Android, security is so much better on iOS SAFEMOONARMY CryptoBulls

Exact mirror image.

Yeah but if you check worldwide Android has more users. Its not always about the US...

Eventually SAFEMOONWALLET will be available on both android and iOS We have to be patient that`s all. we all need to understand that SAFEMOON is a long term investment, so why are we so concerned counting weeks and months. Look at the big picture, the big gain and hodle.

Much different than the UK. Just as I thought primarily Apple

Yet android version of the wallet is being released first . . .

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