Here is a graph comparing all iOS users to

July 26, 2021, 6:44 pm
Here is a graph comparing all iOS users to
Here is a graph comparing all iOS users to Android users in What percent of these users will use the SafeMoonWallet ? Safemoon Safemoonarmy crypto ethereum bitcoin altcoins

So John said in discord that more users had Android than IOS and thats why the android beta was coming first. Except in Europe and the N.A. more people have IOS. Unless we are catering to the Asian market now. But whatever, as long as you all stop tweeting s and do something

Whats up my SAFEMOONFAMILY SAFEMOONARMY check this NFT out The unbanked is our target market and they are more likely to own Androids since they are less expensive. So... go with the system that has the most users

Thats UK market share. I wonder if US is similar

I have both Android and IOS. My preference is Android. Apple not playing nice in the sandbox. SAFEMOON

..Chart on iOS is looking reeeal ish safemoon SAFEMOONWALLET

iOS is designed to be more sticky and is targeted towards aspirational gen z & y`s. With higher spending power. Advertising companies also target iOS users and direct more luxury goods and marketing towards these users.

I do genuinely wonder what the appeal to iPhone is. I had one and, it was fun, but when I switched to Android it felt like I went from "having a phone with apps on it" (Apple) to "having a PC with a phone in it" (Android). Android just feels like you can do more with it.

I suspect the last section of the chart to quickly swap around as everybody rushes out to buy an Android lol. How do you think this compares with the US?

Are we really going to turn this into an Apple vs Android debate?

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