Here are the details on PS5`s next big System

September 15, 2021, 2:05 am
Here are the details on PS5`s next big System
Here are the details on PS5`s next big System Software Update, landing tomorrow: UX enhancements, 3D audio for built-in TV speakers, M.2 SSD storage expansion, and more

Still no folder support for organising games sony come on like on ps4

Im only missing the PS5

psnow in brazil when?

Bring on Atmos, DTS X!

Lets goooo this update looks cool and looks like it feels easy to operate

Backing up our game save data to a USB storage when?

Please add 1440p support, it`s really strange to me that you don`t support it even though you support 2160p and 1080p but not 1440p, and to my knowledge quite a few games run at 1440p as well.

Has restmode been fixed?

Wish I had a ps5 but scalpers :)

Okay I think Im actually dumb but I have never seen the accolades thing in any game I have played. How does that work lmao

Please, a quick resume equivalent and make PS Now available worldwide since you can already download most games without streaming.

yall need to add the update where the quick menu disappears automatically when u turn off a controller when watching movies

Can we expect this after 12am?

This is really good and hard work put in thank you PlayStation very much!

Man I have to get that PS5 for my birthday

1440p support or 21:9?

Honestly both systems are great it just matters about what games are on them which they both have really good games so it doesn`t really matter

Wait, did you say SSD Storage Expansion?... Bet! Now add folders and dynamic themes

Multi audio output support??? NOPE!

Time to get my SSD! $G87Lane in case anyone wanna donate to help me get 1 Well i`m not really happy at all, you know 200$ for M. 2 ssd storage expansion when the internal was only 667 gb. I don`t know but this generation is too much expensive and the game charging 10/20$ each one. It`s not good.

Ill finally be able to install more than 4 games without running out of storage. Serious question guys am I the only one who STILL pushes the PlayStation button once to go home until I remember you have to hold it. Maybe let us reverse that Sony cuz I might never adjust

2021 and kids still arguing about which is the better console

YES! I`ve been dreaming of playing my PS5 games with my phone. So happy for Team Sony.

I mean thats cool and all but it would be nice if I could actually find and own a ps5

How do I get a hard copy for a digital copy that purchased? It serialized for sync. How?

Whens the update that makes PS5 readily available to purchase that`s the update I`m waiting on.

What time will the update go live?

How is compatibility

I`m loving the new update all ready

This is cool and all but can we get themes and folders?

Finally after almost a year.. but I`m excited

For you Next Big Upgrade: 1. Themes 2. Psnow Ps3 Downloadable + Psnow x Plus(Ps5) more games for Plus collection and More or all Ps1-Ps3 games on Psnow 3. MOST IMPORTANT* Do the 1 and 2 Possible. Thats it easy as that! Thats what your 115M+ Fanbase Want!

add themes and more customizations

Will I finally be able to output voice chat to my TV speakers, rather than having it forced through my controller speakers?

Yesssirrrr been waiting for that SSD update.

Very interested in how it changes the TV sound

Ok but, wheres my ps5 tho? Ive been trying to buy one but it sells out waaaaaay too quick

Looks like it`s more irritating than before...

Look forward to it

1440p would be nice too

Some of us are still hope they arrive in store because we will never experience the PS5 if they are not available.

yall flexing on nintendo rn


meanwhile nintendo added bluetooth

We need to access our PS4 themes plz!!!

I want to be able to delete trophy progress for a game

Yall gotta do better this gen, step it up

Cant wait, bro.

4TB M.2 + PS5 = $1,600 Crazy but bring communities back.

PS5 M.2 SSD Internal Expansion Open to All PS5 Users With Latest Update Sabrent Rocket 4 Plus M.2 SSD PS5 Compatible 1TB M.2 SSD Was $199.98 Price $179.98 2TB M.2 SSD $359.98 4TB M.2 SSD List Price $999.99 Price $899.99 Amazon ad

Restock PS5 please

1 request, Folders please... I play and switch between various games in a given week/month, and the ps5 menu is VERY limiting, it only shows a few games on the main menu, while games I haven`t played in a couple days disappear into the game library. Bout time for some folders!

When can we use any extended storage for ps5 games? Some of us dont wanna spend like $400 on storage than pull apart the PS5, I brought 4TB but can only store ps4 games


Ok but when ? At what Time ?

and still, no () .........

Ok the PSNow resolution picker is actually really nice. As it stands PSNow was always the weakest of the streaming services due to 720p. Hopefully the 1080p option arrives on the PC PSNow app.

I`m Still waiting for that 8K Support

So no themes, no folders, and no way to stop ps4 versions from constantly updating every time I boot up. Solid stuff...

Cant wait for online games to stop lagging for no reason and have network traffic gone Sony

Please add dynamic themes

does the 3D audio apply to home theatre systems as well?

when was the the last time you used it

PlayStation Home VR please

can we get like the ability to use custom backgrounds/different backgrounds like on ps4

Itd be nice to just get through your checkout unscathed & get my son, who gives tirelessly of himself w/o complaint or asking anything, a PS5 console.

Cant wait for the SSD Expansion!

Nicely done! Shaping up to being a somewhat decent system!

Im definitely going to be putting the power button all the way to the left instead of all the way to the right.

You fell off make better consoles

Im assuming if weve got stuff installed in nvme on beta, switching out of non beta will go smoothly with no data loss?

Why post this again?

We would love a web browser please

Sabrent`s PS5 new heatsink is the same shape as PS5`s own SSD expansion bay cover, so it does two jobs in one! $19.99 (SSD not included) Amazon ad Show the details for the Xbox Series X

What is a PS5 and how do I get one?

1440p support please!!!! My monitor does not downscale 4K to 1440p

Any one know if we can leave beta and go to full firmware if we have a m2 installed?

All looks great. If only I could find an actual PS5 in stock at a legit retailer instead of a scalper. YOU GUYS WILL LIKE THIS BETA TESTER

How do I get rid of a boner?

This is why yall are the worst fanbase ever Any chance of PS5 themes and new avatar selections in future updates? Thanks.

Still no vrr support :(

Hey make sure you watch this. Your girl is back!!

Looking forward to this update

I wonder why ps5 doesn`t have optical audio out like ps4 pro, coz i need for my home theatre

What time it comes ?

FINALLY people can have more than 4 games installed!!! I promise you Xbox is not better!

If only we could buy one

Still no themes tho

LETS GOOOOOOOOOO Ok but hardware wise Xbox is not better. I have an Xbox and I know its not as good

This title is supposed to be: Here`s what`s gonna cause the PS5 to be out of stock for another year!

ps has outdated hardware imo

Huge joke that you`re just now adding M.2 Support while your competitor had it day one.

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