Hello there

September 15, 2021, 11:53 am
Hello there
Hello there.

How are you bestie?

Spidey is here? :P

Hey how are you

Odds on giving me a job?

I`m great! Excited to play some games on my week off

Good morning!


Hello there Oh hai. I see you there

Confirmed Insomniac is working on a Shrek game Hello Oh.... Here it is. Obi-Wan game confirmed? starwars playstation hardworkinggamedevs InsomniacGames Is wolverine going to be a timed exclusive

/mindtrick You will make a Kenobi gameafter Spidey2 and Wolverine obv Hi, my name is Goku!

Hello, Insomniac. Have an excellent day

Are y`all working on Kenobi game as well? When we will see first gameplay for WolverinePS5 Any plans for ratchet dlc?

just chillin`...killin`..in Resistance ? Where`s my Spider Gwen game!?

give us a face reveal


I certainly hope y`all quoting him good morning insomniac!


Spider-Man on PC, when?

Sunset Overdrive 2 when???

You are a bold one 2024: Wolverine: Miles Morales

Can you confirm a costume we will see in Marvel`s Wolverine?

Are the rumours true? You gonna rename the studio to Awesomniac Games?

If Disney gives Insomniac The Mandalorian game New suits for spider-man PS4, PS5?

Whos better?

Hello, we love u guys

U guys beat dogs any day

Star wars game by insomniac confirmed.

So you guys just hanging around Twitter?

Idk, you cant just go around saying hello there if its not Star Wars related. I think the part youre saying no to is the title. I see you

Holy sh** didnt think yall would reply.

You are amazing

Did you guys have Donuts today?

Only if they put as much effort in UC4 remastered as you did with Spiderman

Good morning! Thank you for this Hey! I Hope you and your team have a nice day! Good work! I have to write some code in Python, help me ahahahah

Hey how are you guys reacting and vibing in the studio after your two epic reveals in the PlayStation Showcase? Man must be awesome vibes in the studio after such a reveal . Looking forward to hearing more soon from you guys .

Y`all have reached insane levels of wizardry truly amazing studio and I`m sure these games will be amazing GENERAL K E N O B I *cough* U guys are working on a Kenobi game, are`nt ya? YO WHATS HAPPENIN INSOMNIAC Hope all is well at the studio you guys keep being great. Obi Wan Kenobi in Spider-Man 2 confirmed

Love you guys!!! And i am pretty excited about spider man 2 and Wolverine! And i Wish I can get a ps5 Asap to play ratchet and clank rift apart

We getting a kanobi game too?! Tease

Also give me the Hulk game as a PlayStation exclusive !.....Would be great!

Greetings! Hope you have an amazing day today! Hey insomniac can I get a kiss

Ayo how you holding up?

Gnral Kenobi? You have a game Star Wars to announce?

Yes Sir Wolverine in madripoor o wot

Hello, how are you today?

Hello Aaron! Don`t worry, BF2042 won`t be delayed (or maybe it will).

Insomniac making a star wars game featuring obi wan with grievous as the main villain comfirmed??

Go back to work! You have two games to finish before 2024!

CONFIRMED: Insomniac Games are also working on ANOTHER AAA game called Kenobi...

Make a Star Wars game please

Well thanks for the excitement about Spiderman/wolverine but 2023 come-on man u gotta keep them crunch numbers up

Hello, why can`t I still buy Spiderman 2018 remastered separately? I bought the standard version for Miles Morales and now I can`t buy the ultimate version, nor there is only the remastered version to purchase

This is a hint that youre working on a Kenobi game isnt it..

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