Have you ever had to navigate with a paper

October 14, 2021, 2:02 am
Have you ever had to navigate with a paper
Have you ever had to navigate with a paper map? I`m trying to see something Like and RT for reach

Of course, grew up doing cross-continent road trips with my family. I would sit in the front seat with the map and navigate while my mom drove us to the most bizarre tourist attractions. Corn museum of Nebraska? Oldest drug store in America? Greatest time of my life.

Yes. Used to keep the map book in my car. Smart phones are only about 12 years old after all. And I still use paper maps for flying.

Yup. I was the kid in charge of printing out the directions on mapquest

Paper maps, TripTiks from AAA, a Rand-McNally, topo maps for backpacking... I`ve navigated with all of them. Hell, I used to study road maps from other countries (sent by int`l penpals), just for fun.

I used to do a lot of business travel pre-smartphone. I went from using paper maps to using printed Mapquest directions and then finally to Google navigation.

Analog maps were the ruin of many family road trips and marriages back in the day.

Yup! No service in a lot of places in Banff and Jasper National Parks. Paper maps literally saved us.

It`s a basic skill you learn and use in the Army

yes when I loved abroad

I grew up in the 80s, we went on road trips, I was fascinated with maps. I also was in Girl Guides and we learned a lot about maps and directions and whatnot .

When I was 8 (cir.1996-7) my mom first handed me a paper map on a small road trip, and said get us there from then I was THE navigator. I prefer using maps, but I use GPS for the more minute stuff like lane assist and finding turns I dont already know, or unfamiliar backroads.

Yes. I cant drive but I have helped with the paper map process as a kid. I like them for walking directions too. Hard to find walking level ones now

Yes. Some of us are older then MapQuest.

Yep, but I`m a GenXer. GPS is strange wizardry to me

Yup, and honestly I miss it.

I love maps (had a trove of them) but usually rely on gps now. I still plot/plan my route before leaving home. Saw where many spoke of triptiks. I never liked them because N kept moving on each page. I prefer folding state (partial province) maps. visual navigators!

Of course! There hasn`t always been GPS.

One of the best things about AAA membership - free maps for my cross-country trips!

TripTiks from AAA were the best!!

Love them for long distance and out of town driving because you get to choose your route according to what you want to see. Same applies with walking. They are also not reliant on GPS Signals. Should be taught at school as a life skill.

Yes. When I was a kid.

Yes. The first time was when I was in middle school. I navigated as my dad and I went on a road trip.

Basically every trip I took before 2011 or so.

I had physical map books in my car until maybe 2009 ish? Probably until I got a smartphone, I never had a stand alone gps.

Not since I was a wee lad a decade ago

Of course. But my progressive school had a class on life skills that included map reading.

Lol, back in the day. Its been many years!

I know you are targeting old people. And we dont care!

Super clutch; the book version of a map that cross-references intersections and sections of the map, e.g. "18th St. and Mission, B4". Still have mine for SF! (even though I don`t need it anymore.)

Yes. On road and off. solarpunk

Yes, then later printed off directions.

Yes, in my 20s and from Montana, where we didnt have service for smartphones until several years later than other states. At some point we had a car gps but I remember always keeping a road atlas on hand and trying to use a paper map to find our exit on a trip to the MSP suburbs

I prefer a paper map. I cant see enough on a map app, I like the big picture.

The last time was when my car was in the shop, my phone was busted, I was on my motorcycle and I had just moved into town that week. But used it alot when backpacking to find the campsite.

All we had back when I started driving. You watched for mile markers and used trip meter to make sure you didnt miss exits or crucial interstate changes.

Had to keep a Thomas Guide in the car when I lived in Hollywood and North Hills back in the early aughts. One of these bad boys. Everyone had one. Oh yea. Overland navigation was a deal in the Scouts and again in Survival School. Also use similar skills for Radio Direction Finding (RDF) A map, a compass (often a basic Silva) and a place to go Lensatics are more for the cool factor or if that`s just what they gave out

Still use paper maps until street level. Love maps! People have always been amazed, but it`s dead easy.

Eagle Scout then a military career.. a plastic sports watch, a compass, & a laminated map. Those were the basis of my daily lifestyle for several years of my young adulthood. I also drove places with paper maps in (book form) for at least a decade.

Yes it was something I learned in Girl Scouts, always keep one

Yes, I have. Not so long ago we did not have cell phone GPS.

I grew up using paper maps and have planned many road trips with them.

Erm, map books are what we had forever! In fact I used google maps directions rather than sat nav til I got my most recent car. Find sat nav annoying..

Yes - it still happens very occasionally (think little locally-produced driving tour/point of interest maps), though thankfully smart phones have almost eliminated the need.

Absolutely! We always stop at the first rest area after crossing state line and grab a paper map. Our DeLorme Atlas & Gazetteer lives in the car. Being in charge of the TripTik on road trips as a kid was a big deal.

yes, i have absolutely no sense of direction so it has never gone well. it`s as if my internal satnav just switches off randomly & i can`t tell left from right properly or where i just came from.

I had to do cartography to play video games once upon a time.

Didnt have to, but I chose to during a road trip about 10 or so years ago

Drove truck back before GPS was common and cheap. If you are staying on the interstates you could just use the maps at rest stops to plan your trip.

Yeah, when hiking and backpacking

Yes. And a Thomas guide

I love my paper road atlas - no digital navigation system for me! Nothing like highlighting a route with a marker and the satisfaction of turning pages as you get closer to your destination!

I used to work for a package delivery company. I would print out a copy of the route I had for that morning, laminate it, and put little dots where every house/business was that I had a package for.

It`s so much easier to find the next rest stop or equivalent that is on your route and doesn`t require backtracking with an atlas.

Of course; paper maps used to be all we had. Used to get a new Road Atlas every year. Haven`t for years now, but still get paper maps when traveling and I`m going to be there for more than a few days--still find it easier to get an overall sense of place with them.

Yes? Surely only someone under 25 years old would say no to this question, bc smartphones werent widespread until the late aughts? Also, if you like hiking where theres no cell signal, topo maps are where its at

My parents made sure we knew how to read maps. I high key had one when I started driving. Back before I had a smart phone for Google maps. ...Speaking of which. I need to get one.

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