Halo Infinite Tech Test final review I`m more confident

August 2, 2021, 8:50 am
Halo Infinite Tech Test final review I`m more confident
Halo Infinite Tech Test final review I`m more confident in this game than I ever was. Gameplay is the best of any 343 Halo, art design is great, new weapons feel good, and map design is incredibly solid If the campaign is great, 343 and Xbox have a seriously huge winner here

I mean the visual level are only on par with CS GO, it`s a decrease in quality.

right about everything except for map design, 343 cant make a memorable map if their life depended on it.

Was can`t wait to full release

Does it beat bungie Halo?

Regardless of all the ifs. Microsoft will have a winner in this game. If Halo 5 was huge financially success in a gen most hated. This gen is different It will get in the low 80s and win ZERO goty awards

How was the technical state of the game? Was it as broken as something like Anthem/Battlefield V/Fallout 76/Cyberpunk 2077?

HaloInfinites reception has been universally and overwhelmingly positive. Theyve clearly done their homework. Not only will it be a serious GotY contender, but likely one of the greatest FPSs & Halos of all-time.

I haven`t had THIS much Fun in a Multiplayer game in YEARS! My excitement for HaloInfiniteMP is through the ROOF! What`s even more thrilling is that HaloInfinite will have an AMAZING Single Player Campaign! WinWin From the Lakes the campaign looks really messy.

I love the Audio personally, being an R.E. I`m a little picky at times... Great game so far!

I second this sentiment wholeheartedly. The A.I. Jump from Friday to Sunday with the release of the Spartans speaks volumes for this games campaign.. flanking, aiming, movement all solid. This game feels tight. These Bots are phenomenal HaloInfiniteMP

I agree. They just need to iron out those reported glitches. I hope Series S final build targets 1440p instead of 1080p for both campaign and multiplayer.

Lets squad up all spartan all active all for now,infinite

No matter how faithful it is, it`s still just trying to recreate a game from twenty years ago. The world has moved on. Nobody cares about space marine shooter anymore. To call it a winner when the competition is putting out incredibly impressive modern games is embarrassing.

That`s exactly what I wanted to hear. Halo 3 and Reach were the last Halo titles that the MP I enjoyed personally. So hearing this over and over that it`s as good as it is all but sold me this holiday on a series s.

Its just the story

Halo CE is probably my most played Halo multiplayer despite it being offline only. I had a group of friends in high school that would get together for Halo LAN parties and pizza. Those were the days. My only thing about Infinite is I wish sprint was a bit faster.

The best of 343 isn`t saying much though. How would you compare it to Bungie Halo?

I`ve loved almost everything about this flight. The bots are surprisingly solid, and their A.I. gives me hope of the campaigns A.I. being great. The weapons look, feel and sound great. The three maps offer a nice pace and are well thought out imo There is so much to love.

Same, i havent been into halo multiplayer since halo 3.

If they nail the campaign, halo could be back guys!!! Hey look, there`s me! Da purple one

While the graphics arent bad (certainly nothing impressive), it certainly carries on that dull, bland look Halo multiplayer has always had.

There`s a lot of little things I have feedback on and hope changes, but at a broad level this is the most confident I`ve felt in a 343 game that this multiplayer will be fun when the full sandbox is available.

I played the flight with my son and I felt kind of meh. Halo MP has never grabbed me before and this didnt excite me. I hope there will be some PVE modes that will be fun. I just hope the campaign is great, because the MP normally doesnt keep me coming back.

Yes I think its been a great success. Just not sold on it actually releasing this year. Im leaning towards delay

Infinite I believe will live the glory days like H2 and H3. And am so damn hyped for it.

I couldn`t either. Halo 3 and Reach were the ones I played.

Any word on the campaign yet? Id say itll come before September? Would help build up hype for launch.

Im curious about how they will implement Story with the multiplayer I maybe put a few hours into Halo 4 multiplayer before I got bored. Halo 5 firefight was a ton of fun, but the standard multiplayer in it was not for me. As for Halo Infinite, even when having a bad game I am having a lot of fun.

Halo seems to be better than anything playstation put this year 2021 is a year to forget for playstation fans.

I`m on Playstation but i have to say halo looks fun. Too bad that i can`t play it.

Also worth noting I`m someone that despite loving Halo as a franchise could never get into multiplayer for either H4 or H5 so there was no guarantee this would click with me as much as it has The Tech Test has just genuinely been great. This game feels great to play

since you mentioned the campaign, i heard abit about the spoilers and checked them, so... spoiler: the campaign will really blow you away, especially knowing the game music, it even had the opposite effect on people that read it compared to last of us 2, aka people being amazed

So far I think this has the best Halo gameplay ever tbh

The graphics are whack

100% truthful. And tbh after hearing people talk about the recent leaks, I`m actually feeling incredibly confident about the campaign. No spoilers though!!

Awesome! , glad to see Halo strong again! , looking forward to to trying my self when it releases later this year!

Can we talk about that personal AI tho oh wow!!! They are so funny and motivational lol I hope they keep adding more and more dialogue for them please Christmas came early for me.

The soundtrack is going to be incredible.

Personally, never enjoyed MP this much in Halo franchise. So good.

Look at this Thanks for participating and glad you`ve been enjoying yourself! Super proud of everything the team has done and really, we`re just getting started :)

Wish I would`ve gotten in on PC. Looks pretty solid!

Completely agree, I`m so happy with this. Can`t wait to play more of it!

Also the sound design is exceptional weapons sound punchy as hell and the soundtrack so far is outstanding Of course there are still areas that need polish (this isn`t even a true Beta) but I`m incredibly impressed by what I`ve played this weekend. Can`t wait for launch

Dude I`m dying to see the BTB maps.

Man I hope so, I still think the major flaw with them is story telling

100% agree with this!

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