Guys, go easy on em

January 14, 2021, 5:45 pm
Guys, go easy on em
Guys, go easy on em. The author of this tweet is obviously just waiting to update to the Galaxy S21 tomorrow

I don`t get why people think it`s weird. Samsung should just publicly say their employees are free to use whatever they want.

Samsung launches smart key and smart tags! Apple Air Tags & Apple Car Key: We did not see that coming

They should have tweeted from samsung smart fridge

It`s gone da tweet. I couldn`t even see it nor troll`em. Greetings from Mexico City Mexico

Lmfaoooeveryone has a crush on iphones...i mean who doesn`t admire iphones lol

do all android users secretly have iphone as their primary phone?

A planned move, to get more engagement..

Do you sell Wholesles mobile phones

What the hell

Thats a bg ooof LOL... iPHONE IN THE HOUSE

How difficult would it be? Just to use an android phone. Like they are not low level employees or interns.

Just an awful look the day before the new phones arrive and they are promoting it on an iPhone. Ultimate embarrassment really

Samsung be like: 1. We make fun of the iphone for dropping the charger 2. We do the same thing and drop the charger 3. We tweet about it from an iphone! Somebody is getting *fired*

Unleash the pyramid Or that must be Johnny operating the account.

Next news block

I`m getting a serious case of second hand embarrassment

Bad publicity is still publicity. The author got you this time.

Samsung US excles on trolling

tell me that`s photoshop

Who writes marketing tweets on an iPhone?

we need the Twitter Police on this

Basically Samsung and Apple are business partners and rivals at the same time .. it depends on which angle of view.

Apparently hes been using S21 already, its just Twitter doesnt recognize it as such. They know that iPhone is better lol

He still like the iOs instead Android in this matter you can`t use any other phone.

We caught you samsung

Cmon saf you know aint why. They cant be using an S20 or a Note 20? This the same thing when Wonder Woman banned means till now no single product from could satisfy to ditch iphone . thats interesting.

Fr i did not realize the tech community was this toxic. Its a phone for crying out loud.

Where is Twitter police Well its not illegal to work ror samsung and use a iphone but true they probably should of tweeted it from android lol

Everytime they do a simple mistake just to get people talking

I dont blame him tho or maybe he just got a new iPhone 12 and plus if you work for Samsung dont mean you have to use a Samsung phone

They do use an agency, but that person should be using a scheduler like Hootsuite or Sked Social so they wouldn`t have these issues

...and there goes your review unit.

Lmao they do this way to often

like stolen iPhone 4 scenario

It`s the agencies they hired that use a particular phone for tweets. For consistency sake should be android unless there`s a reason for it to go out on an iPhone

They did it intentionally to get attention and get people watching their stream!! I`m absolutely sure

Like with Google buds on AirPods Pro. Somethings just work and this is Apple. Saumsung is ok but I find a lot of inconvenience in Samsung UI, thats why I switched from Sammi to Apple
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