December 7, 2021, 12:08 pm
Guys.... Whats a good phone game...that isnt gacha...

Infinity Blade was cool

There`s crazy taxy and street of rage, you can also play swordigo if you like adventure games

Life in adventure is pretty good, not for everyone though

as if gacha games are good.

I like Super Mario Run a lot.

Did you heard about Nord VPN Rocket League Sideswipe

Bloons Tower Defense 6

A cute lil roguelite called soul knight

Candies&Curses is really hardcore (also adorable main heroine), all nitrome games are also great

Dodonpachi Resurrection

gta san andreas ff series nfs most wanted breath of fire series

Life in adventure a good choose your own adventure game

Skullgirls mobile is kind of insane.

I mean, a lot of good 9lder games are on mobile, like Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic.

Minecraft but it`s bad (Bedrock)

I haven`t played much of any games on my phone in a good while but something not gotcha.... Well the Gundam breaker mobile is definitely something I`d be playing more if it didn`t devour my phones memory since it wouldn`t store in my extended storage.

Can always play doom, its on everything

Summertime saga was already said? I`ve been playing a lot of Dan the Man recently, pretty good side scrolling beat em up

Sky children of light For when all you need is a good vibe I heard final fantasy brave exvius was surprisingly good for a phone game. Like they went hard on the music and i hear the story isn`t bad either. If my phone had the space for it i`d play and confirm it for myself.

Matsuro is a nice single player game

Well youre already playing Pokmon unite

Mech Arena, Minecraft, and Metal Revolution You already know one ;v

Nice. Frankly i don`t play much phone games, but man, i replayed a LOAD of arcade on mame and loads of rpgs on psp so yeah lol

My brain hurts pacman 256 i think is the only phone game i have enjoyed in the last 10 years

sprouted Pixel dungeon and shattered Pixel dungeon are both great. good top down roguelikes. shattered is more up-to-date but I personally enjoy sprouted you`ll have to look up the dew vial types if you play sprouted but the wiki is really really easy to navigate

You said not gacha tbf.

Slay the Spire, Roguelike card game

layton brothers goes kinda hard Cultist Simulator I guess?

if you like roguelike games, shattered pixel dungeon is pretty good, and has no ads so far

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles Remastered is on Google play and you get to do the first 10 dungeons for free in the demo with up to 4 friends. (That`s about 2.5 hours of play time if you`re speed running and know all the answers to the puzzles)

Honestly, I doubt there are many, if any. The market is rife with them as the go-to. The only I can remotely think of are Plague Inc and Fruit Ninja, though last I knew they were both given over to micro transactions. So, it`s a bullet to bite in the end all the same.

Xenowerk and soul knight

Unironically Clash of Clans. Galaxy on Fire 2 is also pretty dang good. Dunno if 3 is good as my phone is to bad to play it on.

Psycard. Psycard. Psycard. Psyc burrito bison brawl stars epic seven (good gacha)

Choose Plants vs zombies its a classic

Bowling Crew Garfield Food Truck Sonic Dash Pac Man Qbert Golf Rival Mario Kart Tour

Try Battle of Polytopia

Rocket League Sideswipe also True Skate

Night of the full moon, it`s kinda like slay the spire. Prize fighters is also kinda cool, it`s l I Iike punch out

Toram Online. Its a Mmorpg with 3d models and a whole community.

Legends of runeterra is fun

Sky: Children of the Light

The world ends with you

Angry birds and cut the rope

Wild Rift. Monster Hunter Stories 1.

tom and jerry chase its gacha but you can completely ignore the gacha bit cuz it uses actual money

Inflation RPG Trust me on this one

"pewpew 2", "Downwell" and "ReversEstory" are cool

Idk, I don`t play games on my phone anymore, but you could download a android emulator and check for yourself

Stick warfare blood strike

TheoTown a city building game Dungeon maker a rogue lite tower defense Bloons TD6 a monkey game This is a neat tank tracks physics game

Monster hunter stories

Underhand and Mekorama are pretty good

saving this threa for later hehe

The Final Fantasy pixel remasters are all great. If you`ve got an iPhone, then Fantasian is a good choice too.

Infinity blade series. All three of them. Not possible to get anymore, im sad to say. It was the promise of a mobile gaming future, never fulfilled...

Try the games from Yiotro. He makes pretty good games and he has really good feedback. Or roguelike Pixel Dungeon.

If you like card games Legends of Runeterra is very good. I`ve been enjoying Kingdom Two Crowns recently.

Jewelsmagic, block its Internet access to remove the ads. Really easy to waste some time with in a pinch.

Pikmin Bloom But be aware You have to walk

I think rocket league Sideswipe

Fallout Shelter if ya wanna play manage a vault casually Underhand is a simple fun card game about managing a cult First Strike is "who gets to nuke whom the fastest" and its hella fun Card Thief is a strategy game about being... A card thief. Quite fun Pick your poison!

idk, probably wild rift or legend of runeterra

Dungeon Maker er you just buy it first heheh But game really good The world ends with you

Angry birds. Flash emulator to play flash games in. Morrowind. And Mato - game.

Anything by Mika Mobile, or Iron hide games.

If you want a really relaxing game that isn`t gacha, then you should check out Sky: Children of the light

Clash Royale. If you get into it, join the dunmireblacks

Why do you ask us the impossible good sir?

I kill some time with plague inc. Or temple run.

Shadow fight 2 forever my goat

>that isnt gacha... Ninja arashi, great platformer

the app Leap day She want me dead

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