Gps watch nerds, is there any reason NOT to

October 12, 2021, 11:05 am
Gps watch nerds, is there any reason NOT to
Gps watch nerds, is there any reason NOT to buy forerunner 245 music??

Yes, its the Garmin Instinct which is almost indestructible and the solar version has like 30 days of battery life. Buy it! Only smart watch you will ever need.

I have the non music 245 and use it every day. Its been a great smart watch. The connectivity issues mentioned earlier seem to have gone away with a firmware update. Great battery life.

I have the non-music version and I love it. It rarely needs a charge and does everything it`s supposed to do

I have a forerunner 245, no music. As far as its usefulness at a sport watch, I have been happy. For phone connectivity, I have been less than impressed. It does not always connect to my phone when said phone is a foot away. My next watch will not be a Garmin.

Yes, yes, and apparently yes I just have a load of MP3s on mine, but per this article it can: What is the cost between that and a Vivoactive 4? I have the 4 and its just a great multipurpose watch that does all the things I need and then some.

My Edge 530 definitely struggles with GPS reception under the canopy of trees in the northeast. Loading a course and having it follow it always gives me "off course" notification when I`m actually still on the course.

ahh! Maybe DC Rainmaker has some data analysis on them. I mean my Fenix 3HR is 3 or 4 years old now and still going strong. I did have to pay for a new battery after it stopped working after a year, other than that it`s been great.

They`re some of the best smartwatches you can get. The display is not as hi-res as Apple/Samsung smartwatches, but I`m on my second Garmin watch now (I have a Vivoactiv 4) and I love it.

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