Google pixel or iPhone???? Having used both iPhone my

July 13, 2022, 12:48 pm
Google pixel or iPhone???? Having used both iPhone my
Google pixel or iPhone????

Having used both iPhone my opinion

PXL4 after 2 years of use was still great, but after soft updates, while 7 was entering it was crashing randomly. I heard a lot of bad about P7 and decided to go with 13PRO. Android has a bad UX design, no control of the flashlight, can`t copy numbers from messages, and more.

Google Pixel all the way

Google pixel all the way

Both solid devices. I use iPhone myself but Pixel Ive heard great things.

Pixel. The 6 Pro is the best phone I`ve owned and I`ve mostly been an iPhone person. The 7 Series should be even better. The 6 and 6 Pro are discounted today so jump on it if you`re thinking about it!

Never tried the pixel but hear good things!

Phone(1) is better.

TeamPixel vamos waiting for p7 series actually to exchange p4xl and get p7Pro r suprise p7ultra

Not iPhone...

Pixel all day, baby!

Depends. If you love Android and have been using it (Twitter for Android, so you`re probably using it atm), go for the Pixel. It`s amazing. If you wanna dip your toes into new waters and want to see "the other side", go for it. Give iOS a try.

I more interested in Pixel 7 series.

How can you compare the mighty pixel to iphony.??? pixel all day everyday

Pixel 6 pro is a poor experience and this is coming from someone who owned every pixel phone except the 5. So many bugs, and a subpar processor and phone reception

The only reasonable comparison

Pixel for productivity. iPhone for creativity.

Google Pixel for sure!

If android go for Samsung

Pixel for photos, iPhone for everything else.

Pixel till death Pixel is more comfortable ... If u bought iPhone u fall into iPhone ecosystem... So go with How about nothing?

For more better updates it`s Apple but that daam camera , It`s Pixel I have both pixel 4xl and iphone 13 pro. Pixel is more fun than iphone. I dont know why.

Pixel but prepare to be bullied by iPhone users. I`m serious. You will be bullied.

I have both of them. iPhone 13 and Pixel 5. Both are good, but iPhone is little bit far. I had Pixel 3 and iPhone 11. Always same song. Both are good, it`s about preferences. Pixel has better photography, but iPhone software run smoothly. It`s main differences I think.

Whatever both are not in my budget!

PIXEEEEEEEEEL although I don`t have one.

Pixel anytime. If it`s an iPhone, I`ll consider only the iPhone 13 mini. But iOS doesn`t seem to be for me.

iPhone all day. Even with the regular 13 with 60hz its still smoother than the most of android phones

Google pixel always

TeamPixel Pixel 6 Pro (I prefer calling it the XL)

never seen a larger group of nft owners with my own eyes. disgusting

Your decision. I use both. teamallphones

Always Google (6P, XL, 2XL, 3XL)

Same question I really like both

Google pixel pls, just give me any Google pixel, its a dream phone

He mean "Twitter for Android"

Both personally but I prefer my pixel usually

Would def recommend a Google pixel I switched from iPhone because it`s cheaper and offers the same things for half the cost

Iphone Google pixels dont rlly have good build quality

Definitely i go of iPhone

obviously, Google Pixel

Pixel, Who wants an iphone anyways?

Pixel 6. It`s lovely.

Why I switched to iPhone was because I liked that the software, hardware were made to work together. I like how apps are optimized for iPhones and the software seems more reliable to me. With googles new soc, I think its going to close that gap event more now.

Really depends what youre looking for in your next phone. Ive had android and iPhone, I had a pixel 3a and 4 and a note 20 ultra, I prefer stock android the way Google intended but Im currently in an iPhone.

Pixel ofc. iPhone is the worst case of proprietary hellhole.

iPhone any day! Had enough of android with security vulnerabilities and spam!

If u use a windows computer android, Mac get iPhone. Already have airpods iPhone. Connectivity is far more important these days then personal preference imo :) cant go wrong happy shopping

Iphone for longevity, Pixel for customization

I use both of them. Happy with both of them for specific reasons. iPhone for the fluidity and reliability, Pixel (4a) for the camera-photos, and the size.

I just got locked out of all my google accts on every device because told me to factory reset my phone and it is my only access to my acct

Any day Google pixel

Pixel is great with Android`s flexibility to make it your own. iPhone, if you`re tied to their ecosystem. Also, iOS 16 looks

Pixel but need at least 1 authorised svs centre in Kuala Lumpur

Pixel! I got the 6 plus and have been loving it since launch

Pixel 6 Pro. And right now it`s a steal.

TeamPixel with my Pixel 6!

anything but iphone.. you only see either the super rich or the super poor using iPhones.

I like Google pixel better Nothing phone (1) or oneplus 9RT???

Pixel all the way!!!

Google pixel is the way

Google Pixel, Actually I use a Google Pixel 4a, it`s very good, I like it

As an iPhone user who used to main pixels. Pixel.

fruitphone very poor for take a photo

iPhone. More stable higher resale value. Support for device last for 5 years versus 1 or 2 with android. Updates for your phone.

iphone. Security update SLA is longer

Google pixel.... I love it

Pixel all day long

PIxel, hands down. But for me, I`d go with the OnePlus 10 Pro or Xiaomi 12 Ultra.

Neither. Go for a Samsung droid.

Pixel all the way!

With iOS 16 coming up Im afraid Ill have to go to iPhone. Though thats just one reason, the other is the fact that THERES NO GOD DAMN STORE THAT OFFICIALLY SELLS PIXEL PHONES IN THE PHILIPPINES

Pixel not even a question

iPhone but Pixels are not bad

Pixel. Will be your best friend.

Have the Pixel 6 Pro

if you have the vocation to be a beta tester, go for Pixel

I have both. The answer is yes.

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