Google needs a better ecosystem for its devices

September 14, 2021, 9:41 pm
Google needs a better ecosystem for its devices
Google needs a better ecosystem for its devices.

And even if say uu look at one vendor and apply the Apple approach say Samsung. Samsung integrates all their products really well and sometimes with varying OSs Phones/Tablets - Android Watches - WearOS TV - Tizen Laptops - Windows + Earphones etc

You can correct me if I`m wrong but I think you`re making a direct comparison with Apple`s ecosystem? Which by nature is a closed one unlike Google`s open approach (because of how Android is built)....

What do uu mean by better ecosystem? Because Google has every form factor and platform covered imo. Phone Tablets Laptops Wearables Smart Home Audio devices

Thats not how they make money. Its for everyone to get a piece of the pie cause unlike apple, its a huge pot of players. Maybe if your data stops making them money, theyd consider it.


yupppp ...I jus hope the pixel 6 sensible suh mi can upgrade....the tv is coming along nicely...the watch is almost a lost cause sigh

it a beat we baddddd

Samsung, Huawei, Sony.... They need to do more.

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