Google is moving away from APKs on the Play

June 30, 2021, 9:48 pm
Google is moving away from APKs on the Play
Google is moving away from APKs on the Play Store

Most of the replies here seem to be from people who hate iOS, but also have no idea about how Android works.

Wait and see. I doubt they will prevent all sideloaded apps. They may just be changing to a different file type for play store.

guys read actual documentation. its nothing special really. it wont do anything to sideloading or anything like that

Can you use apk with bethesda ?

Please don`t kill sideloading. I`ll switch to iPhone immediately

From what I understand, this is only meant for devs who are gonna upload their apps on play store. Normal users can still sideload apps.

How is this not HUGE news? This like completely changes the ecosystem of Android apps, and not a single blip of it is on the Android subreddits. This should absolutely not be a thing. What is going on??

Am I missing something? This only applies to apps dowoaded from Play store. So why could you not continue to sideload APK`s?

How is this new? I`m pretty sure Google had announced it was deprecating APKs as soon as AABs were introduced. That and the forced switch to 64 bits which will KILL millions of apps this August...

If Google removes sideloading of Apps and Mods from Android or If Apple adds it officially to iOS, it will be a massive hit to Android`s dominant market share or user base.

For those of you worrying about it, this only applies to the play store, you can still install APKs from 3rd parties

The whole reason people use android what a shame

You will still be able to use APK?

so they`re making one of the best things about owning an Android obsolete? Very cool, You can`t be serious. Google closing off Android like that will kill it as a mobile OS.

so no more cracked android apps?

Google butthurt that amazon and Microsoft are bffs now?

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