Google Android 12 Beta 2 New Features [Screenshots] #Android12

June 10, 2021, 8:13 pm
Google Android 12 Beta 2 New Features [Screenshots] #Android12
Google Android 12 Beta 2 New Features [Screenshots] Android12

Which device are you using?

Does anyone have wallpaper link?

Designer clearly was obsessed with Rounds Everything is round and round

Enable lockdown button then Power menu will look cool & more symmetrical with 4 icons..

According to your experience of OnePlus , can you tell me when I will get android 12 on my 7t?

Can you please share the link of this wallpaper?

In which phone you tested is it googlepixel

Don`t know how much I love the black quick settings and bright white notifications area :/

Hm looks like i have to upgrade my phone for Android 12

can i get the wallpaper?

Is your device OnePlus ?7 pro

Privacy Dashboard (Show System) can now Reset Internet Connection Settings Power Menu and Quick Settings I wish OnePlus`s UI would look exactly the same, but I guess they`re leaning towards ColorOS

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