Good things coming up this week⚡️ #AxieScholarship Name: Harlo

August 2, 2021, 6:56 am
Good things coming up this week⚡️ #AxieScholarship Name: Harlo
Good things coming up this week AxieScholarship

Name: Harlo Laojan Age: 30 Gender: Male Location: Tangil, Dumanjug ,Cebu Status: Single Nationality: Filipino Occupation:bN/A Device: (Android) Phone Internet: Mobile Data/Wifi Average SLP: 150-200 a day Freetime:5-7hrs Mobile Games Player

Good day manager. I`m still hoping and waiting for the scholarship....

Good day Sir/Ma`am I`m Jhuzel Larida 26 years old from San Carlos City Negros Occidental I am a college graduate with bachelor of science in computer science (BSCS) know how to manage my time, so I can assure you that I will meet my daily quota.I am new to the axie

Hi good day Manager I`m cristeta balbuena I`m from Philippines and I`m looking for a scholarship...I`m hoping to be a part of your growing team thank you and Godbless

Still waiting to be part of your team pretty

Good day ma`am and Sir! Name:Julieta Dulla Age:sweet40 Civic status:Single Mother Location: Canlaon City Negros Oriental Maam/Sir Manager Please give a chance to be part of your team. I`m promise I will do my best and I`ll be the one to support my family.thanku

Good day ma`am Lyn I hope you picked me I want to help my family and my grandmother

I bet its a scholarship

good day ma`am lynn, can my girl apply for a scholarship? I made her a resume. I kept discussing with her about the game and I could tell with her eyes that she wants to play the game and be independent as well.

Good day am lynn still hoping and waiting

Good day Manager, any slot available for scholarship? I`m willing to apply for scholarship. Thank you.

Still waiting and patiently hoping madam lynn

hoping maan lynn to be one of your familynn

Hi ma`am I`m patiently hoping to be part of your scholars.

But youre good also

Wow that`s a good news for us

Hoping to be part of your scholar mam

Hi! lynn just asking how to join scholarship any advice would do thanks and God bless.

Ohh, I thought you`ll come here!

Good day manager Lyn I hope you`ll given me a chance to be a part of your scholar I`m mailyn Ginez 24 years old from San Carlos city negros Occidental Philippines.i can grind 8 hours up or more..Im hoping and patiently waiting and praying...

Julie Ann M. Managaytay 22 years old Female From San Carlos City , Negros Occidental. Manifesting to be part of your team this August to help your team grow and to help my self for studies and most help my mom and sisters. I`m a dreamer, hardworking, passionate and committed.

Hope to be part of your team maam

I can feel it ma`am

Hi good day.

I hope u choose me mam,

I hope you`ll consider me to be part of your team because this is very helpful for my family.

Yes. More opportunities coming

Scholarship, yipee!!! Ive waited for this manager

Still hoping manager looking for scholar I hope you chose me as your team

I`m here maam. Let`s make a good relation and great strategy in Axie

Hello maam good evening im just wondering if you allow my sister to apply as your scholar. But i will represent as her and just by using my account. This is because my sister lived in the mountain with my parents and there`s no connection or cignal there.

Hope the announcing of scholars,,,,and be the one of it,,,thanks ma`am lynn,,` ASA KA`,,

Hello po managers, im looking for scholarship i hope you choose me i just to renovate our house and to help my family thankyouuu po

Good day manager ! My name is Frezel siabo from philippines . And i am looking for scholarship . I can do a hardwork to fullfill the desired quota since i am a hardwroking personn . Still Hoping manager

Good day ! I really love seeing growing community for scholarships and I am really interested in becoming one of your scholars and help reach our goals together with the team. I hope Ill will be given a chance to be your scholar.

Everybody rn: Looking for scholarshipmanager..

Hello,, I`m interested

Patiently waiting to be part of your team miss

RIP DMs scholarship? i don`t just let it slide so les gow

And also More Blessings to come for you this week madam Trust the process

Hope to have a chance to be part of your scholarship

Wow congrats ma`am,good luck to the lucky scholars Fighting!!

Maybe this time u will choose me as one of ur scholar

I`m excited Ate

I hope you will choose me to be your scholar.

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