Good night!! If you had to switch to Android,

July 25, 2021, 1:34 pm
Good night!! If you had to switch to Android,
Good night!! If you had to switch to Android, what Android phone would you buy?? Or, if you had to switch to iOS, what iPhone would you buy??

that should be the S21 Ultra (until pixel 6 is out) and 12 mini.

Iphone is easy, mist likely the 12 pro max. Android side, I`d have issues choosing cause I want a fold, flip and even a note or the Mi 11 ultra.

This is a hard question

I will want a Google pixel 5

Currently an Android user. I own a Samsung A21. If I had to switch I would buy the iPhone 12.

Got both Samsung and Apple Will switch to 12 mini

12 Pro, Pro Max for it`s size is very uncomfortable because of those sharp edges. That`s why I love Note 20 Ultra design, it`s huge, but at the same time I can hold it without problems. Same with S21 Ultra.

If I had to Android, Id probably go for the Note20 because that for gaming would slap super hard.

I have both iPhone 12 and Pixel 4a 5g so moot point really

I am using my dads old iPhone 6s. Maybe I will upgrade to XR.

Depends on budged (Apple) low budget: iPhone SE High budget: iPhone 12 Pro Max (Android) Low budget: Realme/Redmi High budget: Samsung/OnePlus

IPhone 8 for sure!!

I`d switch to the Xperia X1 III

Android - Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra (I have this one) iOS - iPhone 11 Pro Max

Pexel 5a because it is same size as I have now

I will buy the first new iPhone that is notchless. - Sent from my Asus Zenfone 8 Flip with a perfect display that has no notch *and* no hole-punch.

First one was a Samsung galaxy Mega, the OG Phablet. I was a webOS guy that had to use a iPhone 4s for a year before the company(IT) I worked for finally switched me. Always hated working on MACs too. If I had to go back to iOS, I just wouldn`t. I`d use a flip and tablet

Pixel 5 probably

On android I will switch to pixel 6 pro / oneplus 10 pro / s22 ultra on iPhone , after watching crazy features of android I wont switch

I`m already on android in fact I never left android as I can`t live with iOS`s restrictions. But if I had o switch just to experience it maybe iPhone 12 Pro or 12 as Max is too big and mini is too small.

I recently switched to iOS! Was a hardcore android tho!

I would start with a Galaxy S4, then something else.

Android in my budget realme gt

If I had to switch to iPhone I would think about my options I would like as much ram as it needs my current phone is slow and maybe 2 years old I got it on my birthday

probably iphone 12 pro because its 0.1 inches smaller than my phone and the pro max would be too big, but in reality it would probably be a iphone se 2 because thats the only one i would be able to afford

The latest OnePlus pro or Google Pixel 6 iPhone 11 pro max or iPhone 12

If I was switching to iPhone, I would probably do an iPhone 12

iPhone 12 Pro pacific blue

I would get an S20. That haptic vibration you get whenever you type a letter feels pretty decent and the 120hz display is also very impressive and smooth.

If i switch to Android: Google Pixel 4a If is to iOS: iPhone 12 mini

As an android user. I will go with either oppo find x4 pro or Samsung S22 Ultra.

Pixel (which ever one is the smallest size)

Pixel in android, and iphone 12 pro

The Android has to have the latest generation Qualcomm Snapdragon 888 (I dont want to make a downgrade in performance), has to have a high refresh rate OLED panel (upgrade from LED), and has to be anything but plastic material. Either Samsung or Google?

I would go for any one of the Samsung S21s

iPhone 12 Mini or iPhone 12 cause smol phone best

No choice but Samsung. Please no dont hate me. :(

Z Fold 2 or next coming Fold 3.

Maybe like a one plus or the z flip

Z Fold 2. No question.

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