God Of War Ragnarok https://t

September 13, 2021, 5:05 am
God Of War Ragnarok https://t
God Of War Ragnarok

Man god of war already looked soo good. Was way ahead of its time. The studio can now focus on content, mechanics, skills, more worlds(9 realms!), interactions etc

Look at halo. All its issues and theyve had dam near a decade to develop a sequel to 5. Why? Meanwhile playground is the only stable studio they have( Ill give double fine props, solid game but multiplat) who knows if a sequel is anywhere close

Maybe so. But higher ups at Xbox arent filtering out the trash and it shows. Theyre looking at games as a number(more to brag about in gamepass) and less about the quality and reputation behind said games

my god, what`s the problem with this new God of War being the same as 2018? the guys just want to defect in the game that hasn`t even released yet, I hate these kind of people.

I think GOW should be $40 because it`s not fair to pay twice for the same assets

All I see is GotY and you crying

Getting ideas from Gandalf?

Look at that awesome PS5Greatness. What have Xbox revealed running on the XBX, not PC, showing more than 1min of gameplay?

Is this post supposed to make God of War Ragnark look bad, because it only shows how gorgeous the game looks and how beautiful the first game is as well. Im confused.

It`s still gonna be goty (if no zelda) and sell 10 million+ copies

Wow so all of the sudden GOW 2018 looks good now? Glad to see the change of heart but the new GOW looks better Okay man, we understand you`re butthurt about god of war ragnarok Im really excited for this game loved the last game

L for thinking theres no upgrade

Looks better than Redfall

I think you wanna be the next gandalf gaming. can`t wait for gears 6 Thank for these gorgeous pics of an amazing goty game

What`s the issue here? I`m genuinely confused.

Its literally a cross gen game that doesnt have a definite release date yet. Sure you can say the same thing about Horizon but if you want a mind blowing God of War then its most likely going to have to be exclusive to PS5

Imagine never playing this because you`re loyal to Microsoft of all companies....man that`s depressing

Dude I feel you, I am so hyped!!!

Cool.looks better than any xbox game

You need some troll lessons from

We gotta stop this. We know dam well if Xbox got anything even close to the quality of this game yall would be shouting it from the mountaintop.

Your tears are delicious Bruh... Looks identical

I see what you did but their are some improvements here and there. Hair and Fur got a big upgrade along with textures and particles. Oh and Atreus got older lol

Great looking ps4 game

Cant wait!!
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