god let`s hope linux phones still exists and will

July 21, 2021, 7:55 pm
god let`s hope linux phones still exists and will
god let`s hope linux phones still exists and will eventually become good

yeah exactly. the iPhone is definitely more, but on a plan is pretty manageable

yeah exactly. android is way more open with things to do, but i feel it isnt as optimized as all and most of the phones just dont last as long as iOS. iOS could do with a bit more freedom (placing apps on the home screen in ANY place), but its usually good imo

yeah true, my main issue besides the spying is just longevity and optimization. if for linux you have to run a bunch of virtual machines to get some apps, or you can use some apps with the same quality as android, i just dont see the appeal. itll murder battery life

@bmnoxx they can spy, but people will find out

i really doubt its more optimized than iOS. Also yeah, you could theoretically do that, but in practice, how well could a mid tier phone run a windows virtual machine running an android virtual machine? just sounds like android with extra steps. I guess the open source is nice,

@bmnoxx also technically you could run android on any linux phone. linux phones support any desktop app that supports linux, so you could in theory run windows virtual machine and then an android virtual machine

yea but it just runs stuff shittier

but what would be the solution to fixing Linux phones? Hoping people super optimize apps for it? Or would the phone just straight up run Linux. If it did that, wouldnt it die fast? Maybe im just an appletard, but i dont see the appeal of Linux.

but why Linux OS? Would benefits would you have? I feel the optimization would be terrible, it would just be a worse version of more modern Android OS systems imo

why linux when you have iOS

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