Get back into the swing of things

July 21, 2021, 7:34 pm
Get back into the swing of things
Get back into the swing of things. The next prize might just be one more climb away in the Sackboy Knit-Speed Run Challenge:

Playstation is better play has no limits

Bravia Core for ps5 PS5 IS BETTER THAN PS5

Just got to platinum in this challenge yesterday! Its reaaaaally fun!

With how good this game came out, you guys could surely do something similar with Sly Cooper, right? Wauw..these "Xbox is better" people reminds me so much of all the half naked Women bots on Instagram. They are fast and irrelevant.

Xbox has better exclusives

No, I think I`m good Sony.

Thank you Sony. Sackboy would be so awesome in VR Maybe an exclusive episode on the next Playstation VR headset

Xbox destroys PlayStation out of clear water. Its despicable to date that Sony is still allowing this nonsense to occur. Sony must establish a common secular location that can defeat xbox and reclaim its glory.

Can I get a PS5 bundle with this game?

Here you go lads Omg right on time coz I`m planning to buy it since it`s on sale now

xbox better exclusives

Literally a second within each other Sackboy is coming to Xbox anyways, so who cares.

Cool Ill play it on the better console which is Xbox

Dont care whens Wii sports 2

Get back into the Xbox!

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