"Geekbench scores means everything

October 26, 2021, 8:34 pm

"Geekbench scores means everything ". Pixel "hold my beer"

Naaah. A phone that fakes 4 seconds to process a photo after its taken is not faster than the a15 bionic that can records proRes. Ifeo with dolby vision. This video is made for fandroids.

@CrAzY_HaMsTeR_2 And yes, the Pixel opened battleground first as well

This game doesnt load that slow on my xs mate. I play that game every single day. Go watch for a real unbiased speed tests lol.

Iphone isn`t nearly using its full power, try opening a game that actually requires more performance like genshin impact, it will be much faster. In this case if you look at the power consumption you`ll see where all the Iphone performance went

Aspbalt 9 has a lot of lroblems with server connections on ios. Even the m1 ipad loads it slower. Most of the time it just cant connect to the server. Try that test sith call of duty mobile.

Haha send me this clip

I swear to God that my best mobile game asphalt 9

Imagine pixel with iPhone processor!!

But the A15 bionic is still the fAsTeSt cHiP eVeRrr!!!!! AnDrOIdS aRe LaGgYy!!!

I mean even the older S21U beats the 13PM No no, if I had to switch

I currently use an iPhone, but if I switch to android again, I would buy a Pixel! Its 1000% better than buying a crappy Samsung

Loading games is based more on ram not cpu or GPU. A real speed test is an FPS test during gameplay. For instance, when I do a Genshin impact or PUBG FPS test.

Why do you hate iPhones sooo much?

Meanwhile on who cares land

Try few more games and post a video. If you know, in all of the speed test videos all the iPhones perform the worst in loading asphalt!! (just try loading some other games)

But how does iphone 13 suck IRL this much?

Its a lifestyle partner

Pixel 6 pro vs IPhone 13pro max in the streets I wonder what they`ll come up with next... Apparently, `benchmarks aren`t everything` failed.

Sad part is in online smartphones are hyped with geekbenche scores and specs that what they offer. But no one will will talk about real world usage .

the salt is gonna be too much. We`ll need some sugar.

i guess that 20 core gpu comes in handy

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