Geekbench 5 results for some processors https://t

January 24, 2022, 6:37 pm
Geekbench 5 results for some processors https://t
Geekbench 5 results for some processors

Hie just wanted to ask which variant of Samsung S22 ultra is coming in India Snapdragon or Exynos one

A15 still? But why??

Beside having High in every thing a15 run cool nd long bettery backup than Android from last nd this year ( might be ) have worst soc

Exynos disappointing

All this only really matters for those who game on their phone. I was worried at first as the S22 Ultra may be my first Samsung handset. Will wait to see real world performance, I`m sure it will be fine.

When will samsung understand..

I have heard that MediaTek fakes geekbench, is it true?

let`s just hope won`t face the global chip shortage as and did due to you look very worried about the exynos, on the 9th we will see why

Should I even considering upgrading from my galaxy s10? My s10 has higher storage (512gb), screen resolution, headphones jack. Only reason for s22 base is for 5g and new soc

I`m happy if it`s better than 888

Didn`t Gen 1 get like a million in Antutu? Much more than the A15?

At least Mediatek and TSMC showed that ARM is not that far behind.

But how much faster can our apps open?

gets me excited for the Dimensity 9000! Maybe it`ll be the savior for Android this year?

You forget about Google`s Tensor, are we not in the game ?

Damn didn`t know about Dimensity.... So which devices use it?

I can`t imagine what that would be like for dimensity 9000 processors. They`ll rock!!

This is real crazy

Most of us are coming off 2-3 year old devices, any advancement for us is going to be amazing. I`m on an S10+ with Exynos 9820, still running great. It`s a fking phone! Check out gaming PC specs & processors from the not too distant past, we have it really freaking good.

Even though I had my hopes, it`s becoming more clear that unfortunately Dimensity 9000 won`t be supported by any true flagship. This is sad...

ice ,can you tell us hows the heat on those processors?

9000 is really a powerfull chipset

Ngl, the MTK 9000 is what I really want this year.

Good performance of D-9000

As every year, Samsung arouses in people a bar of high expectations that ends up in disappointment. The Exynos always ends disappointingly. Look at the S21u-a cup heater; 5 minutes of photography are enough to make it extremely hot. NO more Exynos processor for me.

Samsung is limiting the 8 gen 1 performance

I really don`t understand how a completely new architecture have baiscally the same performace of the the previous one...

So this means that the iphone 13pro is better than s22 ultra?

mediatek is looking strong this year

A15 Bionic Definitely "Playtime is over", because it`s worse than even SD 888

Ice have you tested D9000

D9000 is best in Android is there is no issues

UGH, Im literally imagining A16s score in my head right now

So iPhone is king?

I really want to buy samsung galaxy note 22 ultra with dimensity9000 processor instead of exynos2200

Quite shocking why ice is so obsessed with benchmark scores these days. Funny how when apple was putting crazy numbers it didnt matter but now it does? Real world performance is what shouid be used not benchmark scores. Overheating doesnt score in bench marks gen 1 for example

Il just wait for the release of the product... See what the YouTubers says about the phones and such. These score tests is just beginning to be a spam to me atm as i can`t take this to be 100% true

Shows the supremacy of TSMC`s Advancement in 4nm Node

I`m so gonna get a d9000 device

Is it a good idea to upgrade from the S20 Ultra to S22 Ultra or should i buy another phone?

Wow, last year`s A15 still wiping the floor with this year`s Snapdragon and Exynos chips.

This also doesnt consider the fact the A15 is also the most power efficient yet its the most powerful

That Dimensity 9k is nuts

Exynos as expected running on last year specs

90% buyer doesn`t care for these score lmao

Waah A15 is supreme

If all you believe in is scores i can give you scores that completely obliterate the 8G1 of the exynos 2200 in geekbench compute

Really excited to see launch of Exynos 2200 GPU and CPU Feb 8

Dimensity 9000/2200mobiles not yet come,we are waiting for real world usage it`s how superior then snapdragon 8 gen 1

Looking forward to the new crop of devices with Mediatek Dimensity 9000 powered in 2022. Looks like chip new game for Android is good for consumers.

Fake fake, you photo fake,

You fake.... you Apple Live loveloss

Exynos still loosing

i might have to go iphone again for my next phone

A15 is in different leagues of it`s own.

Well this is sad... this D9000 scores from actual production phone or prototype/development phone? The cores config should not differ much than sd8gen1,but why a big gap?

If you look at the 8GEN1 power consumption curve, you will know why s22 8Gen1 does not run well! Apple having a powerful processor yet a shitty OS with inferior functionalities compared to Android.

Even lower than 888.....

Hey bro is sd gen 1 samsung made or tsmc because the benchmark score on tsmc made sd 8gen 1 is much higher in multi and single core performance than a15 and dimensity 9000

This isn`t real results omg How can snapdragon 8 Gen 1 be equal to 888?

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