Garmin Fenix 7s Solar 24 hour first impressions

April 26, 2022, 7:08 am
Garmin Fenix 7s Solar 24 hour first impressions
Garmin Fenix 7s Solar 24 hour first impressions. 11 days of battery life WITH Always on display, constant heart rate tracking, constant respiration, and basically every option turned on - is GREAT! Notice the faint ring inside the bezel, that is the solar panel (1/?)

Thanks. Will be ordering. Apple Watch is getting old.

How long did it take to get it?

Thanks for the info Ill check out the reviews and see if its the right choice for me

Insane battery is vital as that is properly one of the reasons why I have avoided smartwatches in the first place. Sport and health features definitely a plus

Looks to be an interesting smartwatch Main concern for me is it worth the cost?

Does it run Android wear? Full notifications like a regular smart watch?

This watch honestly has so many settings and features that its overwhelming. I need atleast a month to really get used to it. But its definitely the ultimate fitness watch.

Out in the sun, the solar ring helps get the battery life to 14 days - if I turn on battery saver mode, it goes up to 87 days. Pairs with iPhones, and android with no problems. It even works with Find My Phone, with iPhone!

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