Gaming is the key to the mass adoption of

September 23, 2022, 12:50 pm
Gaming is the key to the mass adoption of
Gaming is the key to the mass adoption of NFT`s. All it takes is one good game to ignite the fire The craziest part is that the game doesn`t have to be AAA quality. It can be Among Us, Clash of Clans, Stardew Valley, Undertale, etc. Support NFT games BEFORE they blow up!

Then you`ll love I Think for gaming, nfts should be only an option but not the core of an p2e game. Like Skins or whatever but not something that gives you Power because you have a lot of money. Give people just a good game and if they love it they will take their money to buy.

Two games I like the look of are and !.

I can agree with this

Personally think will be a leading force here.

I respectfully disagree. To get true mass adoption, you need something that appeals to everyone. Books have that power, everyone reads books, for leisure or to study. Books have the ability to bring even your grandma to NFT`s. Therefore, Been saying that for a while, I even wrote an article that got an ocean of criticism from the gaming community, which in my mind, should be one of the most interested in the ownership transformation NFTs make possible.

coming soon stay tuned CardanoNFTs Cardano Never price out on yummi

Why? The only reason to have nfts in gaming is if you can take say an nft of a weapon from game and put into another game. As far as I know no games work like that. And if they are limited to just one game, might as well use ingame shops.

has closed minting but secondary is cheap, some mini games Mario Party style

Should really check out bruv

Don`t forget about the Drunken Dragon! totally missed waiting for land gameplay that all matters for me

I still don`t like you seal folk, but yeah, you`re right... Another influencer that seems to hate us is but he has the same thought and is on-point with this. I highly reccomend checking out It`s a TCG that allready has a playable alpha. Plus the NFT`s themselves are amazing. Agreed. Gaming = Key to mass adoption of NFTs = Key to mass adoption of Web3.

Will be everywhere one day ! Mobile games, indy games and imagine if something massive like Warzone, Fortnite or WoW start dropping NFT weapons or skins unique to that owner.

I agree. That has been my thoughts since getting into NFTs

Just getting started

u forget So check Whitepaper: better get some horses for your farm

Agree with you, but no or ?

So you heard of then?

That is very true! I have invested very much to the game I really like and trust. They have so realistic approach that even irl horse people will love that game. Basically every thing that exist irl will be implemented in that game. Breeding, racing. Strategy game! I believe is the getting there. Just need some more marketing from peeps whenever they officially launch their game.. Fun, addicting, easy to learn but hard to master, kid-friendly

Perhaps not exactly what youre thinking in the traditional gaming sense, more a storytelling project. However, I get Stardew Valley vibes from Very small team that does pretty much everything in-house. Heres a synopsis I wrote: Curious to have your take on that for the Cardano ecosystem. The most ambitious project imho is but a few others are also building and like you said, it needs first and foremost to be entertaining and of a good graphic quality.

Hello, please check out . Eden and his game are really awesome.

yeah. i have a few NFTs of each of the major gaming projects on Cardano. one of them is bound to be a catalyst for expanded adoption

Facts! Asset ownership can make up a bit for lower quality IMO.

You should check us out

Totally agree

oh shizz who that pretty boi at the bottom

You forgot . They brought lambos to life in web 3. Warlambos that is. You forgot Clash Royale lol, since you talking games there are 3 on my mind that are worth [email protected] one is a metaverse

Highly recommend Shards of Ninava. Don`t need an NFT to play the alpha Plus they just brought on board as their game director. He`s built triple A games like Full game will blow everyone away

If you like Stardew Valley, keep an eye out for 90s inspired MMORPG NFT pixel-art game in the making on well you can guess which blockchain We`ll check out then Shards of Ninava is one of the only Cardano linked games available to play right now! They`ve already 3000 users and the $ninjaz token isn`t even put yet Fun and then earn - that`s what the Devs focus on

Well, get an if you like gaming. You don`t even need a ninja to play their MVP, just a Cardano wallet. Plus the game is already so much fun! Cardano has 3 gems. Poker app that connects to your wallet released in a couple of weeks by fueled with their ADA swappable C4 token. building a "brawlhalla" like game fueled by their own token. arcade games. All with staking. / Hornnies have had a functional game for a long time and gives you ADA rewards.

Cant wait for games to start getting popular, been loading up on assets for months

Keep an eye out for for P2E game development

Have you checked out I agree they can play a big role. You seem quite well-versed in all this stuff. Do you have any involvement in or plans to make any games or just an enthusiast who likes covering them?

A list of games that I personally support and own NFTs in: (just got listed on Epic Games) Wise words Farmer Nash, have a lovely day much love The Fairies

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