Gaming is SUCH a huge opportunity in #crypto right

November 23, 2021, 7:03 am
Gaming is SUCH a huge opportunity in #crypto right
Gaming is SUCH a huge opportunity in crypto right now. Lots of hot games coming, as well as infrastructure and guild coins. I am going big on this sector!

HUGE Announcement with , P2E game coming 30th november, this is the path to becoming the next BlueChip NFT, 200k discord members, BAYC Community involved and created by , LFG Metaverse Metasaurs BuyMetasaurs RAWR Are you going to tell us which gaming coins are you investing or going to invest or ypu will tell us with a youtube video ?

$kitty worth a look. Tiny market cap of $2.7m and just introduced staking as well. Tokens capped at 100m.

great project and I am in big.

is partnering with to create a PlayToEarn NFT game where you can earn RAWR token which will have multiple use cases. Keep your eye on this one Lark. Also love your YouTube channel BuyMetasaurs Metasaurs lol. there`s a reason I unsubscribed from your channel. This post is like a year late.

Glad to hear that from u !! Have a look sir .

Come la New game name dexiknight releasing on 24 Nov !!

Just bought a bag of RFOX REVO and KLO last last month and I am so so happy

Lark video please, anyway to highlight coins in this sector not only available on DEXs

is going into p2e soon! Metasaurs BuyMetasaurs RAWR 3b users, 160b in revenue last year

$kitty is on fire and has just updated their NYC billboard with the KittyKart preview! Kittyinu community are amazing and their team is on FireFireFire P2E P2Egaming NFTs cryptocurrecy Lark, what are guild coins??

What guild coins are you looking at Lark?

I couldn`t say whether Uquid`s physical shop has any motivations for clients? They just acquainted this shop with a client.

Missed out on $DOGE? Flopped at getting in the $FLOKI presale? Couldn`t catch the $SHIB rocket? Well here`s your next chance... becauseAscensionArcade is here. The first online crypto gaming world built on theBSC Join here to find out more: Then you will love $ALU potential BSC infrastructure project for gaming NFT platform. So bullish in 2022 roadmap! The adoption on games utilizing Altura`s multi-chain Smart NFT and expansion with the gaming companies. What do you think about ?

Lark, check please What NFTs are you into Lark?

Tezotopia on Tezos is a hidden gem right now. Going through land distribution right now (battles starting next month) and early adopters will get rewarded.

Buy $Gala man . It`s still early

stepped on her tit. Good job.

Not late, just the begining ;)

$kitty doxed dev. Partners with $cultur, low cap gem! Metaverse.

Not too long ago your eyes opened up to $METIS on the downlow (Nice btw) Now I`m gonna open your eyes up to $KITTY from Product looks really nice, and they have connections with folks who played big parts in Pixar and Oculus Rift. Doxxed, and honestly dirt cheap.

$uos the steam of meta

Im just going to leave this here. Kittyinu You guys should check out dexioprotocol they`re releasing their first game DexiKnights on the 24th on the Nov!! We just released our Nfts market place Visit

Youre absolutely right and partnered with for our next P2E game You`ve got to check out NFT project launching on ElrondNetwork! The artwork is insane and project has a very strong community already.

Hi mate, Would love you to check out huge game about to be released- KOGs , Rfox Valt Metaverse , e-commerce, finance, about to

Thoughts on tfloki? Subscription based gaming nft ecosystem on Luna

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