Gaming is gonna take over NFT world so hard

June 22, 2021, 8:27 am
Gaming is gonna take over NFT world so hard
Gaming is gonna take over NFT world so hard. The conversations Im having

Whats the best way to invest in this space in your opinion?

Oh for certain! In game useable NFTs

Yessss Sir, solid projects like fueled by will skyrocket this year! $SHROOM $GSWAP It is the next level for NFTs as well as gaming in general

Agreed. Any interesting projects on your radar?

This! A million times. A lot of people are associating NFT with selling Art, which is ignoring the whole bigger picture.

Is that where Meta Key is going?

needs to create a NFT for Techies

Roadmap looking good!! Did you take a look at ?

Yess. And making games out of collectibles while we wait.

Wen World of Warcraft?

Like ? I am waiting for to go full on Metaverse and adopt Blockchain They already have almost everything ,STORY,LIVE EVENTS, CREATIVE ISLAND ,TOKEN ,COLLABS with diff games,movies,comics ,anime,cartoons

So we should buy Mana or Enj?

Check out

Yup, gaming and NFT is a match made in heaven :)

No doubt Yep. My 2 favs in this space are & Checkout It is a dApp on and is integrated with multiplayer launching soon with multi-layered NFTs in built and will be 1 of 7 games using FidelityFX super resolution technology upon launch Are you having many cross game NFT conversations, or artist teaming up with gaming projects?

I have the recipe, but the software engineers arnt exactly busting at the seams

Just waiting for AAA game devs to make more free titles, I think they`ll earn more from the NFTs in the life time of a free title than they would a AAA game release.

Imagine if CSGOs skins were NFTs? Or fornite skins? I know is trying this, but moving them between spaces and metaverses will be important

Do you have a guess when will we get an announcement from the big gaming companies? For sure they are building behind the scenes

What about a combination of gaming and NFTs? Like what is doing

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