Galaxy Watch > Apple Watch Galaxy Tab > iPad

September 18, 2021, 5:34 pm
Galaxy Watch > Apple Watch Galaxy Tab > iPad
Galaxy Watch > Apple Watch Galaxy Tab > iPad Any Flagship Android Phone > iPhone The Galaxy Ecosystem > Apple Ecosystem

I mean, based on what though like are we going by sales ?

these comments are from people who`ve most likely never touched grass no one cares if u use android or iOS, go outside

Galaxy tab over iPad? Fandroid at its finest

I spent 10 years on android. And was in the galaxy ecosystem (tablet, watch, phone, buds and more) Switched to iPhone last year. The apple ecosystem works better together seemlessly and doesnt have built in unremovable ads in apps like Apple Pay. Samsung does in theirs.

Oooh fun, a fanboy thread!

Lol I like the energy

others are relative but lol, iPad Pro > any android tablet (all of the specs/display, Face ID, iPadOS, processor, LiDAR, useability, design etc.)

Yes to all except and big except to the watches. I`m extremely frustrated at how severely lacking the watches are compares to apple watch :( hopefully like watch 5 does good ugh or more updates to watch 4 with wear os 3

No. What you have and/or need is what works best and is the best for you. Angry internet trolls like you are always trying to tell people how to spend their money. Pathetic.

I suppose I can agree with above three mentioned but I think apple ecosystem is more profound than galaxy ecosystem.

Clearly you dont know the meaning of >

Ipad any day > Galaxy Tab >> other android tab !!! Application, webs etc all are well optimized in ipad, aspect ratio, performance everything ipad is better.

Talking about the technology itself, Huawei`s ecosystem is more advanced than Samsungs.

lol no one even argues when it comes to Apple Ecosystem even the android fanboys

thats right. IN. YOUR. DREAMS!

the only thing comparable is the phones the rest? Apple completely shits on Samsungs products. The watch and tablets are not at the same level.

Galaxy ecosystem is alot better why because it isn`t limited to your phone laptop and tablet it also goes to your fridge or coffee machine and TV and cleaning robot and lights and soooooo much more

But the iPad has a strong point, which is the support of some computer applications, but at the same time there are major applications that do not work on it

I`m a Samsung fan, but man the iPad has no rival in the market even the apple watch, we will see the reviews of the latest galaxy watch if they can catch-up

All flagships of Android and Apple are on par with each other. In terms of design, Galaxy Watch is better than the Apple Watch. iPad is better than Galaxy Tab because it has better software support. Galaxy ecosystem is not on par with Apple ecosystem but is getting closer

The connectivity is better in apple, speaking as a Samsung Fan. Apple just connects

Wow. Imagine being so on denial. Worse then a flat-earther.

Honestly I`ve seen some videos on Samsung`s ecosystem and how they are improving, i don`t know if they r better than Apple but i know they r not far behind.

IMO galaxy tab < ipad, galaxy ecosystem < apple ecosystem. The rest is up for debate

Apple Watch > Galaxy Watch Galaxy tab S7 plus*** > iPad Pro iPad > Galaxy tabs iPhone > Android because Promotion now

I disagree with this apple watch is a bit better than the galaxy watch, the ipad is far better than tab because of software support (for watch too), flagship phone, I can agree with they go neck to neck everytime.

nO yOuR oPiNiOn Is WrOnG aPpLe MaKeS tHe BeSt PrOduCtS iF yOu DoNt AgReE yOuRe StUpId

I think it`s diff for diff people. It`s all about the needs of the people. I prefer Android (mostly samsung) and I agree without your list except galaxy tab. I feel like galaxy tabs are over priced considering apple so yeah galaxy tab<ipad.

The watch is close, the phone is the same but the ipad is much better than the galaxy tab.

Ahahaha stop trying to start fights

Some like apples, others like oranges.

I know you are more interested in the comments you will get on this tweet . Yes. I agree with you. However I will still stick with my Apple Watch, iPad, iPhone and MacBook Air

What makes you to think galaxy tab >ipad

This is funny, Samsung better than iPhone? So funny. Go sleep, buddy.


Hahahahaha fandroid at its best lol apple dominates every sector that you mentioned above . How cute of you living in an imagination world

Blind biased tweet Galaxy tab better than iPad?Do u think your open biased af tweet matter?Only blind Samsung noobs likes this tweet Samsung NEVER delivers in UI software. iOS miles ahead.Don`t compare garbage One UI to iOS and it`s ecosystem I sense this Hangsung FANBOI You can have argument about apple watch and galaxy watch, iphone and galaxy series but Ipad with apple pencil really superior compared to any android tablet

Its all just preference..... What people wants, people gets...

Aww, is he still thinking about Apple 24/7? . Mans so mad Apple embarrassing his favourite company . Go cook an egg on your exynos or something

Disagreed... Both are equally good at their own grounds...

Lmao what a joke its the complete opposite Samsung is way worse then Apple. There tables, watches, phones, and especially there ecosystem are a joke.

You really just said that the galaxy tab is better than the iPad lmao

I disagree with the last point. Apple still has a superior ecosystem, but fortunately Samsung and Google are getting better.

Hope samsung in 3 or 5 or 10 years without Windows Android wear OS

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