Funny seeing people unfollowed because Xboxpope had to rebrand

February 1, 2021, 9:44 am
Funny seeing people unfollowed because Xboxpope had to rebrand
Funny seeing people unfollowed because Xboxpope had to rebrand for better things to come well guess they will just miss out of some huge goodies

Hahahah spellcheck my bro got you . I know you will grow bigger and they will come back

Dam bro no way some people are low they should be here for the awesome artwork you do all the time. Dont matter If its Xbox, PlayStation, NZXT or on the side of a spaceship its always awesome.

I keep following to see that skies of arcadia themed xbox from you pope, then your amazing design will make SEGA have to remake the game

You keep doing you bud. Im along for the ride and scoping the art

I thought you changed it before. Then changed it back to xbox pope, now back to popeart. Am confused

I do miss the name but I understand!!!!

Hey, you`re absolutely incredible - both as a human and artist. Excited to see what you have in store!

I will always love you brother! Your artwork has evolved, and Im here for the ride

I`ll continue to follow for great content always

Let the water roll off your back my friend

You good holmes... Keep designing!!!

They are so emotional geez

Those were fake supporters then! Only the real and true ones stayed

There loss mate not yours and good luck with the future be looking forward to what will be coming out soon hopefully

If it makes you feel any better, I lost followers for posting about my fake OF. Not that I had many to begin with, but still funny lol

Us real ones will continue to hold you down my man.

Loving the re brand! Looks great!

They where never real fans! Sad to say buddy. Cant wait for the greatness you have in store for all of us. Glad to see you doing bigger and better things.. I unfollowed when you unfollowed. Seemed fair

I thought you stopped making art? I was like why did he throw in the towel and then you post this saying the goodbye was to the old name. Your designs ROCK.

My main account got banned, I hope that doesn`t count

You will have an even bigger following soon enough. Your art is amazing.

Hey I`m still here regardless your content is fire and definitely enjoy it...screw the hatters keep up the awesome work

Turns out they weren`t quality followers. Their loss.

Smh imagine unfollowing you bruh

People are so weird man

Bro,I was trying to get a never respond.

You have Xbox guys unfollow just because you no longer have Xbox in your name?

I like how POP ART stand out

I don`t care what your name is. You are always 100% awesome.

I know it`s not really bothering you, but they`re clowns and they need to be addressed as such lol.

When you think it`s time to change, why not to be allowed to double check the follow?

Even if you weren`t your art and design was

No idea why anyone would unfollow, the rebrand is the start of more exciting things to come!

Tribalism. Does nobody, no good.

Nah imma always be a fan, I didnt follow you because of Xbox, I followed you cause of you

You have to do what U feel is best for Your Brand if people dont understand and leave U dont control that I have always had that mindset since Day One

I love it :) looks awesome

I love Playstation and still loved yuur work with Xbox in yuur name. Why are ppl dumb?

How much time can it takes you to do one custom console? Im curious

XBoxPope is dead. Long live POPeART!

Keep up the great work dude, were all proud of you and what you have achieved

Keep killing it dude

Keep up the amazing work. That`s all that matters. The community will be here supporting you and your art. Cheers my friend.

You`re a cool dude.

Glad Im not going to miss out on anything!!

That`s ridiculous. Same guy, same talented designs, with a new name and possibly wider focus. Their loss. And Xbox is my platform of choice. The new things coming only make me more excited.

You`re still The Pope! Too bad for them unfollowing

Always got my support Pope, no matter the brand name you`re still the same awesome person with awesome talent.

Hey man keep doing ya thing I seen this coming from a mile away its obvious you love what u do and it seems apparent what you do is deeper than just a particular brand and to limit yourself you had to branch out ..all this to say man just keep doing you much love &respect Those kinds of people aren`t worth your time, good on you for turning a passion into a vocation.

I feel that, well good for you.. honestly. Excited to see what 2021 brings you! I appreciate that, thank you!!

Love what you do.. and excited to see what comes in the future! Thanks for bringing joy to gamers everywhere!

Folks who are doing that must not have been following popeart...

I`m from mid East originally, now in the sheepland , trust me the banter never stops

The lets say junior minded members of this platform, will not understand this. Theyll be thinking youve gone full cooperate theyll be back

Why on earth would anyone be upset at you rebranding? Personally, I`m looking forward to the day when I can purchase one of your designed consoles.

Doesn`t matter mate just keep pushing on forward, I`m not following for just the brand you`re a great guy

Dont let it affect you, some may have just been following for the fan art days. Thinking youll not doing these anymore. You do you I find that ridiculous to be honest... twitter is a strange place.

I mean, nothing has changed but the name.. you made art for playstation and xbox alike for years. Maybe they thought the "rip xboxpope" was like you quitting. At least i thought that for a second

Congratulations on your new brand! Keep killing it I`m struggling through a transition, too. Trying to figure out what the hell I want to do. Lol.. So I get it. Keep staying true to yourself Who ever unfollowed you for changing your name are followers you don`t want anyways. Don`t sweat it and keep up the great work, can`t wait to see what you have coming.

Congrats on the next step. Good luck!

Ill follow your channel for a life time. The stuff you post is amazing

They weren`t there to truly support you then. If I could follow again I would. Keep up the stellar work!

No one will forget where it all started. You`ll be forever associated with Xbox. Now spread your wings and prepare for take off!

I wouldn`t worry about it. Keep on making amazing art!

They are just being snowflakes bud. You have already given so much to the is time the reap the rewards of your talents. Congrats bud. Don`t let the few, spoil the many.

Their loss bro Keep doing you bro. You know you`re doing something right when they`re hating on you.

The Pope will finally get a lesson in Mooching . Look forward to your visit brother.

Cause xbox is missing?

Fuckem You`ll get em back soon. They`ll be searching for Xbox Pope and realise there are nothing but fake accounts trying to steal your brand name, while your new one will be the only one to get mass RT... IMO

Been following you since you had less than 200 followers. I can honestly say I did see this coming. The religious connotations of having Pope in front of the Xbox name, I knew it would not work or couldn`t fully be backed in the sense of the brand name. I see it as an honest (1

Their loss bro. Sad that people are so ingrained in tribal mentality they need to unfollow or want prefer you to stunt your growth for their own insecurities. I enjoy your art regardless of brand

I don`t want any goodies man I just like the things that you do I`m always going to follow you man you put out some good stuff and it`s enjoyable

Congratulations on the new branding

They`re jealous of the come up!

Designs you do are great man, those people are dumb only caring.about console wars , I even like you ps designs etc

Your talent and how you carry yourself speaks volumes mate. The people that unfollow you for spreading your wings and following this path of success arent worth your time. Keep up the fantastic work.

Remember the ones that unfollwed you are not needed here!!

Much appreciated Pope! Thanks for all the years of support my friend.

They never cared about you they cared about their loyalty to xbox that should not be the case

As long as people remember and yourself remember where you started I dont see the issue. People just want that brand loyalty.

Pope just put in next to PopeArt as the formerly known as Xbox Pope as professional wrestler tend to do

Very excited to see what awaits my friend!

I wish you the best, Pope! Keep doing your amazing art! Greetings from Brazil!

We are with you POPe

Personally i will always see you as XboxPope no matter what lol

I never unfollow your awesome keep up the great work and stay safe

I`ll always follow and support The Pope

I rather kind of like the new look

I initially came for the Xbox, but I stayed for the Art.. lol

Art is art, the brand shouldnt change the appreciation of the work. People are dumb lol

Did you ask NRS? When I get someday this year a XSX I would like to use this design.

I thought something happened to you yesterday. Glad it was a false alarm.

Lol I didnt even notice.. congrats on the new branding.

I fully endorse this rebrand, do what you gotta do!

Pope, I love the work you do! Keep it up!

I remember you made a great Mk11 design in the past. Is this available too for sale? And where I can buy the designs for Xbox SX?

Im still following so thats fine! Good bye to them! And hello to my chances of getting a goody

never gonna unfollow always with you

I found you because I saw people retweet your post about switching

Personally I see it as improving the quality of your followers. Being individuals of everything should be respected regardless. Ure missing nothing continue with the CANDY I MYSELF and PLENTY of OTHERS APPRECIATE YOU....

Thats a really lame reason to unfollow ppl

Is it that you changed from xbox pope? Well as long as you still make kick butt xbox stuff I won`t leave you!!!

Love your work, cant wait to see what happens in this next phase of your career.

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