From Tuesday, @Apple notified me - and a couple

November 25, 2021, 5:01 pm
From Tuesday, @Apple notified me - and a couple
From Tuesday, notified me - and a couple of other investigative journalists - of state sponsored attackers targeting our phones using Pegasus spyware. Weve taken steps to secure all gadgets but its important to continue to insist that illegal surveillance is criminal

This message was shared to all of us who use apple phones and it was later found fake. It seem they just wanted us to upgrade to 15.1.1 but again its suspicious.

All my experience happens to be total failure but i never gave up because i knew it was going to work out for me someday, fortunately am smiling today by getting involved with a manager I came across on a Tweet all I can say is she is the best of all.

I see on my there is call forwarding conditional

I wish you knew that you are just being played. Why would a state attacker with a pegasus software go through all that hustle when there are ways they would get all the info with just a snap of their fingers?

If does this, I should use my Android to play games. Take care Mr, coz these goons never joke

Make use of the Apple updates whenever available and use verified & open source Encryption services while communicating. Disregard text messages & emails with links from unknown senders.

This appears merely like grandstanding! Which Ugandan didn`t know that? Besides, the motive of attacking a collaborator is self defeating!

this is what I was telling you yesterday. This is real spy stuff. high gear!!

So in a nutshell apple is just warning you minus a possible solution to the pegasus spyware!

So does this mean that already acquired PegasusSpyware ?

Yeah true and this is the reason iPhone is the among the best. Her strategy to protect her clients privacy makes her the lead. In communications protecting your clients privacy earns you the credit.

We are ruled by thugs.

Criminal terrorist Museveni now wants to steal.our money directly from our phones and pockets, after levying all kinds of taxes against Ugandans ugandaisbleeding

Are you confirming that the Government of Uganda uses Pegasus? NSO Apple

wrote a thread about this some months back

This is happening to you as well? That is so unfortunate then. Stay alert

But sharing your email openly makes you vulnerable as well. Next time, cover it up

Instead of developing the country. They have invested much money in nepotism, corruption and theft. Nothing is expected from them!

This is the prime reason why Whites use iPhone. Not for taking photos as we try to believe here. I hope you take charge of personal security man. This is a mafia society who even fear their own shadows so they suspect everyone

No wonder in most South American countries this phone is still hot cake. you`re boiling

Raymond is serious on this issue than before. Dude run after those pigs in the state...

Should have probably greyed out your iCloud ID

I face this all the time, you will be fine.

too bad that software is used to track phones

But who is spying u , i thought u r one the side of bachewzi

reported the same yesterday

Rwanda is the known country in East Africa with pegasus software, source daily monitor.

Let`s watch where this ends

Uncle Paul is just trying to be friendly and Following you the way he knows best....

Again why expose your iCloud ID ! Big brother days are the days we live in, you can run but can never hide


In the digital world right now Things concerning espionage are inevitable unless your embarking on traditional/analog lifestyle. Its the new world order .

But why would govt spy on their own(NRA child). Your circles are enough information gatherers.

And how about us the ordinary people also associate ourselves fully to the new lawsuit filed by against the NSO group whose distribution of this spyware to state agents has enabled them to consistently seek to compromise our personal details and intercept our communications What a shame!!!

I recently saw WikiLeaks retweeting one of your tweet, then l knew you will soon be added on the targeted list. But, l will request you to try this software pgpsoftware . It`s leading on those that can`t be compromised

Saw mention of this on CNN this morning!

Took them long enough don`t u think kudoz to ur great work

So I should keep with my Android phone

Weve been able to see the local number associated with sending phish text messages with links meant to corrupt our devices and trace it to its owner, a state agent. While govt reserves right to intercept communications, it ought to do so through legal channels

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