From Ethiopia to the Hausa, a new continent is

August 2, 2021, 9:17 pm
From Ethiopia to the Hausa, a new continent is
From Ethiopia to the Hausa, a new continent is yours to explore. Explore 2 brand new civilizations, 14 new maps and more in Age of Empires III: DE The African Royals, out now:

>Newtana becomes old Cortana >Chief lives >Escharum dies >Main villain "Harbinger", leads anew faction "Endless` >Monitor trying to rebuild Zeta Halo but Chief kills him and stops it >Campaign ends with a cliffhanger with Chief entering a portal >multiple campaigns >Flood in

When is beta d2r?Cmoooonnnnnnn

Its funny, i would normally ask for you to please port Age of Empires to your Xbox consoles, but with Steam Deck arriving next year, I no longer have the need to ask. :)

Is it on game pass ultimate fpr free?

PlayStation better though

Give me a free Xbox, please.

Great! Console support when?

Shame can`t play it on console

Can I play on xcloud I want for Xbox One of the first games I started playing

When PSN getting this? Bet it would be awesome on PlayStation!

No way I am from Ethiopia

Im going straight for Wakanda then I will rule the world!!!! seems pretty lame, guess I`ll buy plastatio

Get a job, PlayStation better commenters.

Runs smoother on the playstation

From trash to trash thats how mid-box be moving

From PS4 to PS5, PS is always better

Ps4 better, improve your console or just throw it away

Playstation runs the game better

Playstation is better, coming from a longtime xbox user

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