Fortnite Mobile has been banned for 300 days I

June 9, 2021, 9:14 pm
Fortnite Mobile has been banned for 300 days I
Fortnite Mobile has been banned for 300 days

I hope it gets unbanned soon so mobile players can enjoy more seasons of the game

65 days and it`s a year

Fortnite mobile is for broke people

LESsss goooooo WR!!!!

i bet im not even going to get free stuff because i found geforce now

Seriously oh come on

Fortnite mobile isn`t banned bc I`m playing the new season right now.

You still have hope xD

Bruh they better hurry tf up with this

and when is comin back

That`s like 300 days long

Me laughing in android

65 days to go until world record

yay i hate epic games

Wow dude so cool cant wait for the 400th day its banned

good + ratioooooooo +

Good day to not be banned on mobile Oh I thought Fortnite tweeted this

Bro is it coming back

65 more to go til its a whole year

I know right because since chapter 2 season 3 started there wasnt no live event

When you think it will return to the item shop? 300 days is pretty rare

iOS have not android

You forgot, iOS only

The judge taking too long now

Feels like forever ago

65 more days until the 1 year anniversary

I hope it comes back in a couple days or weeks:) has the judge said anything to give us a idea

Don`t know what you`re talking about I play fortnite mobile as well as PC and PS4

2 more months and its 1 whole year

Im currently crying

65 more days to go yooooooo

golden pls stop tweeting everytime unless its about annoucing the winner and that fortnite is backbecuz everytym u tweet i get a heartattack wen i see a notification hoping that uve announced the winner

Change to android...

We just need to wait 65 more days to celebrate our 1 year

on god we better get everything we missed for free

I just want to know why Apple do that I will throw my iPhone and buy android then go to Google and go to epic game launcher and install fortnite and now

Im freaking tried of wait like I want to buy a iPad Pro but I want to play arena on fortnite mobile

its been a while. I hope that in the next couple of days we can get it back

How will we know when the judge gives the results? Who will tell us

someone fix me I want to play mobile again

and we hope than it wont be more than 310

thats 300 days too long

I hope its back for 1 year anniversary

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