Forbes List: Apple is World`s most valuable brand

November 8, 2013, 1:40 pm
Forbes List: Apple is World`s most valuable brand

Apple is now the number one company on the Forbes List.Even though Apple`s stock is on a decline (yet still priced amazingly high) Forbes reckons Apple is still the World`s most valuable brand.
Apple`s evaluation is more than $100 billion almost two time more than Microsoft, which holds the second rank with an estimate worth of $56,7 billion.
Micro-processor power-house Intel ranked in at the 8th position, while 
Apple`s main rival Samsung is ranking at the 9th place of the Forbes List, even after having an amazingly profitable quarter, with profits reaching $9,6 billion. 
Forbes notes that "Apple 
remains a vital part of people€™s everyday lives€ (even with Android breathing down its neck, gaining daily larger and larger market share).
Of the top-five positions on the Forbes List, only Coca-Cola, which ranks in at the third position, is a non-tech company. And that says a lot for the focus of today`s economy all around the world.At number four Forbes put IBM, and on number five Google.
Interestingly, Apple has an increased worth of around 20 per cent since last year, when Google saw a growth of 26 per cent.
Samsung on the other hand, beat both American companies, going up by an unbelievable 53 per cent.
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