For the record I don`t believe any of this

September 20, 2021, 9:07 pm
For the record I don`t believe any of this
For the record I don`t believe any of this is happening... But what if Microsoft is buying Take Two and GTA 6 hasn`t been shown because it`s going to be exclusive to Xbox? How crazy would that be?

Im not sure. Even if they did Im not sure it would become Xbox and Windows exclusive. I think when Microsoft bought Mojang which owns Minecraft. The game already had versions on the PS3, PS4, PS Vita, iOS, and Android. And after they bought it it also came to 3DS, Wii U,

Everybody talking about GTA 6 and the main reason I want them to take Take 2 is so the GTA trilogy remaster comes to Gamepass.

tbh I didn`t expect Microsoft to buy Bethesda so anything is possible. If it did happen I can see exclusive content for it but not locked to any specific conosle

I`d love to see xbox continue to put money where their mouth is

That would be the plot twist of the decade

at least your hopes are high -keyword HIGH

The sonybois would reeee so hard

as others have said i could maybe see WB Games. We already know AT&T was at one point at least looking to sell off their games divisions, and grabbing Batman and MK would shore up the missing superhero and fighting game markets that xbox needs.

PlayStation players would sure be pissed

I dont think so, GTA Online is big and knowing that Rockstars want to kept it on all console not just Xbox. Not fair to the others who dont own or want want to buy an Xbox

Not in a million years

Key takeaway duly observed! Would be a huge win for Xbox but I highly doubt it. GTA makes money hand over fist and one could argue its one of the most profitable and prolific current video game titles, so I doubt there`s an offer out there that would be better than what that IP is doing for them already imo

That would be crazy and very expensive Also I doubt it

I dont see it just because of the loss of revenue from PS gamers but you never know? Microsoft is not afraid to throw serious dollars at developers 10 Billion can go a very long way in acquisitions sir.

LOL I know you don`t believe it`s happening but this statement has just triggered the fanboys LOL good luck

That would be bonkers!

At this point anything is possible.

Never will happen, gta is too profitable alone cant imagine take 2 would sell itself. Xbox would have to make it available on all platforms to realize those profits if it did happen, as a primary xbox gamer i wouldn`t want playstation players to miss out either

Id buy an xbox. Simple as that.

That would be hilarious

I appreciate the thought and I dont think it would happen either. However just think of the spectacle if it did. Weeks of PS Fanboys crying into their cereal every morning for months and then claiming that GTA was a franchise anyway & PS doesnt need it.

Those GTA3 remakes havent been revealed yet.

The US government wouldnt allow Microsoft to purchase another massive publisher. They barely let the Bethesda acquisition happen

GTA started as a Playstation game. I don`t know.

Doubt it, gta 5 still makes bank on ps4-5 it would be dumb long term for them to make it exclusive

Ponies would get an aneurysm

The fact that people think gta6 is gon a happen is laughable tbh why would they when they still make a bucket load from gta5 nearly 9 years on from its og release

You`re right, that is crazy. almost as crazy as a service that offers access to over 100 high-quality games, all the benefits of Xbox Live Gold, and an membership for one low monthly price!

I think GTA6 hasn`t been show yet just because they wanna sell 5 once more time first... they might will add secrets about 6 in the "new 5".

Game changer! We can hope but thats a big ask.

I covered this in a podcast recently that Take2 could be possible and why. If I was Xbox AND take2 the deal could easily benefit them both.

Think of all the money they would lose alone from microtransaction from gta6 online and the nba 2k series

Microsoft purchasing crytek

It made sense at the time because PS2 was the best selling console of all time. And wasn`t an permanent exclusivity like an acquisition would be.

It would be crazy, but not impossible. I really don`t doubt MS anymore, Nadella said she was investing heavily in games.

Honestly Rockstar is overrated, they had a glory past, great track record but as of lately with the exception of RDR 2 they`ve been relying only on milking a PS3 game. The market valuation wouldn`t be worth it, GTA 6 is only one game and Rockstar lost many of its top talent.

Not really a problem then as MS would release the game on PC

That would be clean

Impossible, IM-PO-SSI-BLE

Why would take two ever make gta exclusive to Xbox? They would lose more than half their sales.

I wouldn`t even want this as an Xbox fan these games deserve to be across all platforms more money for the Dev and doesn`t limit it

Yep, like they did Bethesda.

Very nice work

I think it`s a real possibility it could be take 2. And it isn`t illigal if they know GTA 6 is being made and buy the company to mske the game exclusive.

WB is too big to fail. Like Disney. Why does everyone bring up bungie? They bought bungie back in 2002. Microsoft can`t buy Take 2 :D. At this`s like 25% of the GDP of the UK.... there`d be another revolution :D

It would be insane. Cant debate that. But take two isnt up for sale. BUT, i can see a sega or ubisoft purchase since sega has been on the block for awhile and ubi barely stopped a hostile takeover by vivendi entertainment not that long ago.

it would never happen ever like never in a million years the amount of money they make from it being on multiplats Microsoft couldn`t comp them for that they make so much money making it exclusively xbox wouldn`t benifit them

I suspect that some here only want that to happen just so Xbox would take over gaming pretty much. GTA is too big for Xbox or anyone to keep exclusive anymore.

Man the meltdown would be immense.

Why do people want GTA 6 to be an Xbox exclusive so badly? Isn`t having Bethesda titles and many others enough?

Thats as unrealistic as Hitler giving a young girl a blue puppy in 2021.

I think Rockstar and any other Studio under TakeTwo umbrella will be given the option to brakeaway under the acquisition deal... Rockstar could comfortably go it alone. Just look at the acquisitions Rockstar has made themselves over the years.

That`s probably what is happening tbh.

This is the dumbest thing I`ve ever read. They sold the majority of gta5 copies on PlayStation systems.

Id be muting so many words and accounts if that did in fact happen.

I wouldn`t be happy. I`m an Xbox player but stripping an entire console community from something as big as GTA VI is pure evil

Or mayve EPIC or Valve....

Sega or NeatherRealm

What if MS buys Ubisoft or Activision...... Or..................... SONY! That would be good for Xbox as a brand, and anyone saying otherwise is delusional.

A lot of people not in MS ecosystem would be locked away from a great game. But the thing that MS is doing good in terms of exclusivity is that there are providing multiple options to everyone to be included in that ecosystem for a fair and good price with GP & xcloud.

It would be awesome & almost instantly make xbox a must use platform whether console, cloud or PC It would be a move that`s focused on where gaming will be in 20 years as there is a good chance if xbox doesn`t own the ip it will be exclusive to Amazon or Facebook platform

Theres more chance that it will be a ps exclusive, Microsoft bought a company and everyone thinks theyre trying to make every game exclusive when that is exactly what Sony have been doing for years

That would be craziest crazy of all the crazy things

I would have to leave Twitter. The console wars would be insane and just it just wouldn`t be any fun here for awhile.

The internet would meltdown and a lot of anger would be evident

The key takeaway here: "For the record I don`t believe any of this is happening..."

Would set the world on fire

Ubisoft instead.

Eeh if they want to buy them Microsoft needs to slap Take Two`s execs before, so they get down from their high horses. Those guys hate on their own communities, I don`t want that under the Xbox umbrella!

Nah, Take Two are trash

A new GTA with a larger world than ever, modeled with satellite assets, and with online features baked into the campaign would be a perfect candidate for Microsoft`s backing, with their current focus on GamePass and Cloud gaming. I dont think it`s Take Two either but sounds nice.

@BaldEagle877 They = Xbox of course

I think it`s to crazy to happen. But never say never The amount of sodium and the outrage would biblical

Rockstar would never sell GTA unfortunately. If you think 7bn was expensive for Bethesda then you are talking 5 times that if not more

Microsoft would absolutely jump at the chance to own T2. But there`s no way they`d alter the practices too much as the way things are T2 is incredibly profitable. And with that said I think that`s a clear indication that this won`t happen. Atleast within the near future

Nintendo if Microsoft bought Sony (jk, they can still stand on their own) I just don`t understand how people can`t see how stacked MS studios already are. They`re going to be crazy over the next few years with games. For the majority a take two purchase would screw people

I just can`t support it tbh

GTA 6 isnt a think because ppl keep buying GTA5 and shark cards,

And why is that ? Nba is clearly a popular game. Compare the sales and you have the dominant platform. Not accepting facts is not my problem.

Why do you think Rockstar has marketing deals with Sony and ps players get 1 mill in online cash every month? Ps is clearly the dominant platform. During the 360/ps3 era, when 360 was dominating, Rockstar had marketing deals with MS.

You can`t take away gta from playstation. That`s blasphemy, because it takes away rdr series in collateral.

Console players don`t have that many compelling f2p or competitive games like csgo, valorant, dota, league of legends, world of warcraft, valheim etc. They have to buy 3rd party games in order to play them.

What if.. It`s Steam? Microsoft will rule the PC market. Imagine Xbox store replaced with Steam store. Huge backlog of games and that would be crazy. That definitely will shake up monolopoly laws

The right business move would be for MS to make GTA6 Xbox exclusive, charge 70, then drop it to Gamepass after a year with micro transactions and an online mode. Whether thats good for the gaming industry is another debate.

For the record I don`t believe any of this is happening... But what if Microsoft is buying Ubisoft, Electronic Arts, Take Two, Tencent, Nintendo, Sony Interactive, Activision Blizzard, the United States, the World, the solar system, the Milky way, and the universe? Crazy if true

Nope take twos buisness model isnt a right fit for Xbox

I need game sales, not the gamers. People on pc usually play games like Valorant, dota, lol, csgo etc.

Proof would be good.

Well they do have a current history of buying studios that like to disappoint their fanbase so it makes sense.

I know it`s not really a big possibility to buy t2 But i believe if they bought them and announced gta 6 as an exclusive xbox will outsell ps5

The market doesn`t need to be fractured any more than it already has .

Gta makes take two over 2 million a day 80-90% of that isn`t on xbox I cannot see that happening

Xbox one had like 50 to 55 mill console sales. Whereas ps4 sold 114 mill consoles. Ps easily is the dominant platform for sales on every game.

Not gonna happen

I am here for it

You are forgetting that 40 to 50% of 3rd party sales are on playstation console alone.

xbox not going to make it exclusive if they did that, see bethesda

If this happened, the "conversations" taking place on social media would be completely even more toxic... if that`s possible

Plus gta6 hasn`t actually even been acknowledged, let alone revealed, so who knows if they even have contracts for it yet.

All of a sudden the playstation community will talk about how trash GTA and RDR are.

Unless they bought exclusivity before hand because sony were shopping around?

If atriox gets control of the halo ring he will be pointing a gun at the head of all life in the universe except Microsoft is atriox and gta 6 is the halo ring and the universe is gaming industry since Microsoft has Elder scroll 6 and can make it exclusive

If that happened itd be one of the biggest power moves in gaming history.

I do get where your coming from but even then I don`t think that`s likely. If it weren`t for the acquisition of Bethesda, would starfield be an exclusive to xbox?

That wouldn`t happen because those plans would be illegal. Microsoft is not allowed to interfere with any of take two until the acquisition is complete. Even if taketwo was acquired by Microsoft, i don`t think GTA would br exclusive.

I wonder what the headlines and reactions would be if Microsoft just straight up bought Sony Interactive Entertainment? That`d be a when pigs fly scenario but Microsoft could technically afford to do so if they really wanted to lol

It would break the console wars as we know it

This much consider this; the last investor call that Take-Two did only lasted about 10 mins or so, if that. Strauss Zelnick got on, said a few things, then immediately shut the call down.

Haha IGN so true

Yeah I agree. But its fun to speculate on it. Like I dont think its impossible. But highly unlikely. If GTA6 was exclusive that would be a huge signal to gamers in where to play.

The amount of salt that would appear online would make the Dead Sea pale in comparison.

i dont think take two would make sense unless gta 6 is not that far away. they might wanna get someone who can put out games faster.

You think take two wanna be put on a game service? No.

I wish people would start saying Xbox/PC. Because if it`s an Xbox exclusive, it`s also coming to PC.

i`d say ms is wasting there money since r* is going woke and will start censoring there games. they wanna make the gta remasters for "modern audiences" so the twitter puritans. and in there e3 show they wanna be more inclusive and are not worried about hiring talent.

Ponies would literally be on suicide watch

The Gaming world, would literally break.

How about we talk about studios and publishers that won`t be bought by Microsoft. 1. Nintendo 2. PlayStation 3. Tencent And what is less likely 4. EA 5. Ubisoft 6. Take Two Finally couldn`t this all be gamepass support anyway?

GTA 5 made Rockstar nearly a Billion dollars (~$900M)! wait a minute ZeniMax was $7.5 billionM$ does have the coin

GTA would be considered a crappy franchise over night from game jurnos and ponies

Multiple PS fanboys suicides In personal, I would be happy if they buy asobo and Ubisoft games goes to gamepass whit his streaming service But hey, if they buy take two, it would be mind-blowing

I play on PlayStation and pc. But I would like to see Xbox buy take 2. I think well see more games from rockstar and probably some creative freedom.

I would say they haven`t shown GTA 6 because they don`t want to hurt sales for the new version of GTA 5.

The Xbox community is taking T2i acquisition rumors way to far at this point

Doubt they`d be working to move people to PS5 for GTA online in that case. Or giving a $1m a month to PS gamers ahead of the next gen update.

I don`t see it happening either but that would create a huge Shockwave in the gaming community

Take two definitely not happening but WB games is a possibility

That would be shite. GTA is too big to be locked to any one ecosystem IMO.

I wouldn`t care which games are exclusive to Xbox cause they will be available on PC as well. Best of both worlds Literally every single person will shift to xbox just because of gta 6

If that`s true, xbox will get the GTA5 remake that is years in making!

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