For 48 hours, a ★★★★ character will be guaranteed

July 30, 2021, 9:39 pm
For 48 hours, a ★★★★ character will be guaranteed
For 48 hours, a character will be guaranteed in the one-time only Jumpstart Summon! New players, don`t miss out on this great opportunity! NieR NieRReincarnation NieRReinEN

Can`t even access the Jumpstart shop/ premium shop to get paid currency to even attempt this stupid summon.

Ok, so it looks like the crashes got handled, that`s so good. But I`m probably curious cause now my new run that I wanted to continue with gave me the top 3 I got, where as one the bottom I got her the 1st time and also the one on the right, So did I do pretty good? I tried the game yesterday, and it`s great. But today I tried all day to log in and the game crashes in the loading screen: the loading reaches 60% and then crashes

Thanks! I love the game so far

I must have the worst luck pulling 4 stars. Pulled around 130 and only one 4 star so far

Does this include the 2B and gang too?

It`s still not even popping up on the app store for me

I might just do this once able, I hope they extend this by a bit though since so many people are struggling to get into the point where they can even get to it. This game also syncs to facebook right?

Totally gonna miss this cuz i cant get out of the beta

Anybody else having a problem where you try to open the premium shop and the game just closes itself? (on Bluestacks)

There is old player anyway ?

I would love to invest to this game, butttt you arent releasing it in SEA!

Maybe let me play the stable version?? Got 4 4 stars from this pull

Bruh how should I do this if you don`t fix your game? This is just bullying Android 11 users at this point...

Fix the game before doing some ADS here, please

Keeps crashing on me

Can I ask, do you reveal what the next banner is the day before/ of its release. Or are we going to get a couple days notice in advance?

I`m so sad that I can`t even play this game now because of the Android 11 crashes. What the estimate on a fix for it?

Sure wish I can obtain these characters without the game crashing every time I boot it up.

If I get a character and then I get him again but with another clothing what happens?

New paying* players. It doesn`t work with free gems.

The Automata banner is way more enticing to me :x already have the 2B and A2 from that banner, come on 9S

I still can`t play the game. It says Beta even though I`m not in the program and if I install anyway it crashes at 60%. What a shitshow launch. Embarrassing that nothing has been said. They`re just acting like it works.

30$, no thanks. Im not a cheapskate.

I can`t play due to my region TT_TT

Would there be a way to extend it ? I`m on a one plus 8 and it crashes everytime I try to go to the store

it never loads - dies trying to download 64mb of supplemental data every time. It was the same in the beta - is this ever going to be fixed?


Game crashes a lot!


My game was doing the 60% crash. I restarted my phone and the first thing I opened was the game. This allowed me to get into the game! I`ve set the graphics to medium and it seems to be working for me now. I ran to see it for myself but what?... BRO THE GAME DOESNT WORK CAN YOU NOT

ARE YOU KIDDING ME! Are you gonna ignore the fact that more than half of the players can`t actually play the game because it crashes! ARE YOU FOR REAL!?!

Guys I am still stuck at the beta. Pls fix this fast and stop adding limited timed stuff, when theres still a large amount of people who can`t play.

be cool if i could get past the loading screen

IF ONLY I COULD PLAY!! The game won`t start it crashes at the 64mb install

Can`t participate if the game crashes...

im good fam I would love to but you didnt fix the android 11 issue

I`d love to participate in this, if my account wasn`t still locked to the beta! Omg Ill definitely dont miss this. Oh wait, you ban my region

Id love to if the game would start.

How about guaranteeing the game won`t crash on start up, every single time?

Nice, now fix the crashes so I can actually play

too bad its locked to paid currency only

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