Following rumors about @Apple`s pricing for a future headset?

February 5, 2021, 2:30 pm
Following rumors about @Apple`s pricing for a future headset?
Following rumors about pricing for a future headset? A couple of notes: 1) It`s all conjecture until it`s released. 2) If priced at $3k, it`s NOT for the "consumer market" and can`t be compared to an Quest, 3) It will change everything.

The M1 is great. It was a long time coming and it convinced me to switch from Intel/Linux/Android/Garmin to the Apple ecosystem because I can see the trend here.

M1 seemed inevitable, and there were years of rumors and speculation that Macs would move to ARM (or iPad and Mac would merge). The timing and details are hard to predict. There are still multiple ways Apple`s XR efforts could pivot. It likely won`t ship for years

Yes "officially" Apple is not developing any XR device, outside of Tim Cook saying they find XR interesting. But that`s not a practical way to view the market. I tend to believe leaks are mostly true (although they become outdated quickly) from experience

Ah so it`s just "Apple magic". This could easily be an Apple watch, maybe the largest single device in the category, but not world changing, or a Newton. Even Apple`s projected sales are lower than Quest. Note I am talking about *this* device, not all future XR Apple devices.

Surely it`ll be Apple who finally nails headsets.

If you look at most of their product pricing lately they are not really consumer friendly and people are willing to pay Apple tax. Their iPhones have continued to climb in cost.

Why is 3 true? There isn`t anything in the rumors that makes this device more important or revolutionary than existing devices. The only thing I can think of is if they ship an industry defining telepresence app (full body and face scanning, etc.)

It will be $1499

Yeah man but it`ll be based on some of the leaks about the panel and stuff by now surely?

if it ends up looking anything like this Jobs would be turning in his grave

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